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Alfred Stieglitz, a famous American photographer, once said: “In photography, there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.” Capturing the right moment, at the right time, with the right tools is what gives life to photography. It’s what gives it the feeling of reality. TAMRON understands that the best lenses make the best photos. They make world-class interchangeable camera lenses of all lengths for all types of cameras. With over 70 years of experience, TAMRON has perfected the production and distribution of lenses that cover the entire range of photography, from digital SLR cameras to mirrorless system cameras. They operate by selling lenses through distributors, local dealers, or online platforms like Amazon.

For years, the European Subsidiary of the Japanese manufacturer of premium lenses has relied on Webmatch as a digital implementation partner and consultant at its side. Marketing, sales, export, service, and distribution are managed from the European headquarters in Cologne. Together, TAMRON and Webmatch wanted to set a new standard for the European market with a new, future-oriented digital platform.

Image of Tamron's Website featuring their product's capabilities

The goal

TAMRON offers the best lenses on the market, something they have perfected. However, they needed to perfect the way in which they reached their customers. They made a customer journey analysis that demonstrated online sales are getting stronger across the European Market, which means their customers are searching for lenses directly on the web pages of manufacturers. This discovery made them realize that they need to be able to sell their products directly on their website.

The storyboard

TAMRON’s website was a place where users could only get information about the products, without being able to make a purchase. To make a purchase, they would need to get in touch with one of TAMRON’s dealers and distributors, available in close to 40 countries all over Europe. Alternatively, they could purchase their lenses on Amazon. This, as one can imagine, makes the sales process very complex. Therefore, TAMRON needed to transform their website into a webshop where consumers could purchase their products directly on their website.

In order to build a webshop, the right technology solutions needed to be in place. Previously, TAMRON was using Typo3 as their Content Management System. However, they had an outdated version that was not cloud-based and had no eCommerce capabilities. TAMRON wanted a solution that integrates the latest technologies, which will give them the ability to tell their story, sell online, and be future-proof. It was clear that a headless solution was the way to go.

The solution

A headless, composable, and flexible approach was taken to meet TAMRON’s needs.

  • Storyblok was utilized to replace the outdated and ineffective CMS Typo3. Storyblok enables TAMRON to tell their story, showcase their brand, provide product information, and integrate an eCommerce solution with ease.

Quote from Christina Uthmann, Project Manager eCommerce @ Webmatch

  • Our goal was to use commercetools for the webshop. We knew that Storyblok would integrate best with the eCommerce solution, which made our decision very clear and easy.

    Picture of Christina Uthmann
    Christina Uthmann
    Project Manager eCommerce @ Webmatch
  • commercetools was utilized as the PIM system where all the product data is stored. The eCommerce solution will be used to power the website’s sales, starting Q1, 2023.

  • Vue Storefront was utilized as the front-end engine. They provided TAMRON with a fast presentation layer to drive conversion and revenue.

All of this was done with the help of Webmatch, an eCommerce agency and a Storyblok Implementation Partner. They were able to connect the three solutions with the help of pre-built integrations available within Storyblok and Vue Storefront. Even though these technologies were all new to the team, they were able to build the platform with ease because of the integrations and the guides provided to them.

The result

Building both the front end and the back end of the website with Storyblok’s CMS, Vue Storefront, and commercetools’ PIM took less than 5 months and the new site went live in September 2022. The eCommerce functionality of commercetools is expected to go live in Q1 of 2023, which will finalize the project.

Both the image-rich product pages and the magazine section with exclusive photography tips and product news, as well as general company information, rely on the headless CMS Storyblok. Due to the visual editor and the manifold possibilities, the system is a real added value for the users as well as for the TAMRON employees. The complex rights & roles management also enables the use in an international context of 16 countries with 18 languages.

The new website, backed by headless technologies, is already delivering some fantastic results. Since the implementation of the new website, TAMRON has noticed that the page’s Google performance value has increased by 54%. In fact, with the use of best practices, the website’s performance can reach 100%. The new website also has excellent Google Lighthouse scores, which measure performance and accessibility, amongst other things. According to the report, the page’s performance and accessibility are at 89%.

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Once the webshop goes live in Q1 of 2023, TAMRON’s website will be complete. They will finally be able to sell their products on their own website, which wouldn’t have been possible without the use of technologies like Storyblok, commercetools, and Vue Storefront.

TAMRON: Focus on the Future

TAMRON’s analysis revealed the importance of building strong relationships with their customers. Therefore, together with Webmatch, they plan on building a direct channel to their customers. A way for their customers to get the best service possible through product support, workshops, rebates, special sales, etc. They are confident that the technology stack they have in place is going to provide them with the flexibility to achieve that and much more.

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