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Storyblok Scalability: Enabling Enterprise Growth

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Storyblok Scalability: Enabling Enterprise Growth

Growing a business is hard. There are countless challenges involved: reaching brand new audiences, improving current products and offering new ones, and increasing your number of team members to name a few. You shouldn’t have to add navigating tight restrictions of your CMS to that list.

That’s why we’ve designed Storyblok with scalability in mind. We’ve done away with limitations that traditionally challenge enterprise organizations across the board. With Storyblok scalability features, you can focus on the next phases of your business – not technological roadblocks.

Unlimited users

A business’s expansion isn’t always predictable. Since those rates depend on dozens of different factors, it’s likely your growth patterns will be irregular. This can be an issue if you’re working with a CMS that has strict user limits. Without some breathing room, you could run into some serious delays as you constantly upgrade your plan to accommodate new employees.

This doesn’t have to be an issue with Storyblok’s scalability features. Our enterprise plan supports an unlimited number of users – so you can hire as many people as you need to, whenever you need to, without fear of hitting a hiring wall.

Moreover, Storyblok also makes it easy for these new users to onboard. The intuitive UI and real-time visual editor mean that there’s no steep learning curve to contend with. Instead, they’ll be able to jump right in and get started with minimal friction.

Want to try the visual editor out for yourself? Contact our team for a free demo!

Unlimited resources

Increasing basic capabilities such as traffic capacity is important. However, it’s not just about the number of resources. The quality matters, too. That’s why Storyblok also offers support for assets that require more complex attention.

For example, creating more content will require more sophisticated management tools such as detailed publication processes to keep everything running smoothly. Storyblok’s custom workflows can help you stay on top of your schedule and organization – and since you can create as many as you need to, you can serve a variety of publishing needs without having to compromise.

A list of defined workflow stages with the option to add new ones above them.

Customizable workflows can help organize your content creation process and make scaling a smoother experience.

The same goes for component types, custom roles, and languages – Storyblok offers boundless potential for each. As your expansion plans change, you can continue using Storyblok with the knowledge that it will support even the most complex periods of growth with unlimited customizable resources.

Unlimited content

As your audience grows, so will your need to provide them with new content. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean your old work will no longer be relevant. Helping the two build upon each other is essential to telling a cohesive brand story. As such, being limited by the amount you can produce puts you in a difficult position: do you delete the old work, or limit what new information you can generate?

With Storyblok, scaling your content isn’t a problem. You can add unlimited stories and assets to your site. That means the freedom to cover every new topic that comes your way while also building on the catalog of work you’ve done so far.

Storyblok’s dashboard also makes tracking all of this growth easy. Get a quick idea of who’s made what changes to your content. See if you’ve been assigned any projects. Quickly access all of your assets from one central location. A centralized overview gives your site’s content room to grow without losing the easy tracking abilities that are essential to keeping it all in order.

Storyblok's dashboard including plan details, content stats, and recent activity.

Storyblok's dashboard helps you get an idea of what's going on in your space at a glance.

Key takeaways

Growth may be essential for enterprises, but it can also be unpredictable and difficult to manage – especially if you’re stuck with a CMS that can’t juggle both volume and complexity. Storyblok’s scalability changes all that. With support for an ever-increasing number of users, amount of resources, and pieces of content, Storyblok supports your enterprise’s boundless potential without missing a beat.

Interested in learning more about how Storyblok’s scalability can support your business? Contact our team today!

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