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Storyblok Partner Program - North America

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Storyblok Partner Program: North America

Launched in 2015 with just a prototype and a passion for crafting, Storyblok currently has businesses all over the world using our Content Management System (CMS) to build digital experiences. We are getting bigger and better by the day and it gives us an enormous amount of pleasure to be part of the North American market, home to some of the most brilliant minds, companies, and business connections in the world.

2022 has been a fascinating year for Storyblok and our Partner Program. The strength of our partnerships comes from the enormous range of experiences we have had across the different regions we operate in. In North America, in particular, it has been so impressive to see just how fast we have managed to gain such momentum in the market and to have shared so many successes with both our customers and partners. Our American friends often say, “Go Big or Go Home.” Well, we are happy to tell you that we are here to Go Big! And we’d love to do it with you, our North American Partners!

Quote from Jamie Laing, Partner Success Team Manager for North America

  • I love working with our partners in North America. Our partners hold such a great deal of insight into the market and by having the opportunity to listen to them, their experiences, and their recommendations, we are able to build success upon success together. What really captures me about partners in North America is their innate ability to execute projects. Bravo!

    Picture of Jamie Laing
    Jamie Laing
    Partner Success Team Manager for North America

Our North American Partners

We have been experiencing an enormous amount of excitement for Storyblok and our Partner Program in North America. Our Partners constantly convey their excitement in bringing our product to their customers to solve different business problems. The feedback we receive emphasizes the love for the speed at which one can spin a project up and the ability to build with preferred development frameworks. Marketing and strategy teams are quick to point out the benefit of having a live Visual Editor and customizable workflows.

We are happy to say that the feeling is mutual. We enjoy working with each and every one of our partner agencies. Check out what some of them had to say about their experience with Storyblok:

Refactored, a full-service digital marketing agency based in Colorado, USA, have built some amazing complex projects with Storyblok. Hear from Rob Bean, Senior Marketing Strategist and a Partner at Refactored, about his opinion and experience with Storyblok.

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When asked to describe Storyblok in 3 words, Rob said: “Flexible, user-friendly, and secure without a doubt.”

Check out Refactored’s project InfinityQS: Enact Guided Learning Center. InfinityQS® is the leading provider of Statistical Process Control (SPC) software and services to manufacturers worldwide. With the help of Storyblok, they provide great value and resources to their subscribers.

VividFront is a strategic digital marketing, design & development agency from Ohio, USA, that's focused on delivering results & revenue. They, too, have built some amazing projects with Storyblok. They work with headless architecture as it allows them to create much more powerful solutions in an affordable and efficient way.

Quote from Joseph Testa, Managing Director of Development @ VividFront

  • Storyblok checks all the boxes when it comes to being the right headless CMS for us. We are happy to provide our clients with a CMS that gives them the best experience possible.

    Picture of Joseph Testa
    Joseph Testa
    Managing Director of Development @ VividFront

Check out their project Green Paper Products, a company located in Cleveland, OH, and focused on providing sustainable alternatives to environmentally harmful tableware and food service products. With the help of Storyblok, a new custom website that allows the company to scale faster and easier was designed and developed.

FXN Studio is a technology, design, and marketing agency from Pennsylvania, USA, that services leading health and sustainability brands in the real estate industry. They help their customers redefine their offerings, reach more customers, and make a bigger impact with the help of powerful technology.

Quote from Shane Gring, General Manager @ FXN Studio

  • Storyblok has changed everything for us— for the better. From how we build sites and organize content to how we partner and collaborate with our clients and to how we scale our business. Without hesitation, Storyblok is the most important software in our stack.

    Picture of Shane Gring
    Shane Gring
    General Manager @ FXN Studio

Check out their project for the International WELL Building Institute, located in New York, NY. IWBI is the leading certification body for health and well-being in buildings and public spaces around the world. FXN Studio leveraged Storyblok’s powerful headless CMS solution to make their vision of creating a bespoke web experience for their clients a reality.

Conspire Agency is a digital strategy, design & development agency from California, USA. They conspire to create tailor-made websites & digital products that drive business growth for their clients.

Quote from Daniel James Andrade, Founder of Conspire Agency

  • Storyblok allows us to quickly develop powerful custom corporate and eCommerce websites that are also easy for our clients to manage. Beyond the platform itself, Storyblok as a company is committed to cultivating a thriving partner community.

    Picture of Daniel James Andrade
    Daniel James Andrade
    Founder of Conspire Agency

Check out their project P.Kay Metal, a world-class manufacturing and recycling organization from Los Angeles, CA. Storyblok was key in creating an easy-to-manage website where content could be scaled out and easily updated using the visual interface the CMS platform provides.

Sparkhound is a full-service consulting firm from California, USA, that primarily services mid-market companies with managed IT, infrastructure, automation, digital transformation, and contact center ops.

Quote from Matt Meyer, Director of Consulting Services - Digital Automation @ Sparkhound

  • Our developers love the ability to design and build custom websites that connect to an intuitive content API. Our end users love the simple and friendly interface of Storyblok.

    Picture of Matt Meyer
    Matt Meyer
    Director of Consulting Services - Digital Automation @ Sparkhound

Check out their project for the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners’ website. Sparkhound transformed their manually updated, tired-looking website into a fresh, dynamic space where its users can manage content in real time.

Vonnda is more than just another Digital Agency from California, USA. They are a team of designers, engineers, inventors, strategists, artists, and storytellers who build and maintain digital solutions for clients of all sizes that yield measurable growth.

Quote from Mark Lehm, Strategist & Founder of Vonnda

  • Our experience with Storyblok has been excellent. We have been dipping our toes in the headless space for a few years now and can confidently say that Storyblok is one of the best out there. From the Visual editor to the ease of integration, we have had nothing but wonderful experiences.

    Picture of Mark Lehm
    Mark Lehm
    Strategist & Founder of Vonnda

Check out their project for B+N Industries, a California-based organization that designs and manufactures innovative and intelligently engineered solutions that create purposeful and beautiful places.

Storyblok harnesses a headless, API-driven CMS architecture empowering developers to build anything, publish everywhere, and integrate with any technology stack. With the help of Storyblok’s amazing features and their expertise, our North American Partners and clients have built some amazing projects over the years. We invite you to check out our growing list of Certified Storyblok Partners in the USA and Canada, as well as the projects they have built with our CMS.

The Storyblok Partner Team in North America

Our Partner Program wouldn’t be as successful without our amazing and hard-working Partner Team. We’ve got a truly talented and engaged team of Partner Success Managers (PSMs) working in the North American territory. Thanks to them, we have witnessed enormous successes and growth between our team and our partners, which has led to the implementation of some incredible projects. As a company, Storyblok highly values its people, which ultimately feeds into our PSM team's interactions with partners. Our value is in building human relations with our partners, as we believe this is fundamental to a respectful and rewarding partnership.

Quote from Jamie Laing, Partner Success Team Manager for North America

  • For me, working at Storyblok has been awesome! We have such a diverse team of specialists from all four corners of the world striving to solve problems faced by our customers and prospects. The quality of the Partner Team stands out to me as it has been structured in such a way that each member on the team has a voice and opportunity to shape the future.

    Picture of Jamie Laing
    Jamie Laing
    Partner Success Team Manager for North America

What’s next?

It’s no secret that Storyblok has big aspirations for North America and our Partners play an enormous role in bringing those aspirations to fruition. So, what does this mean for our Partner Program? It means that you can expect much more from us: Increased creative co-marketing initiatives similar to our Partner Challenge in 2022, event participation and co-sponsoring key events with partners, team growth, and much more. Without giving too much away, you will also see increased alignment between our technology and agency partners, as well as dedicated strategic sessions with your PSMs to review your key wins and build a roadmap for joint success and growth in 2023.

We are excited to see you at the following events in Q1 of 2023:

  • NRF 2023 - New York: January 14th-17th

  • React - New York: February 24th

  • Shoptalk - Las Vegas: March 26th-29th

  • JS World - San Francisco: March 31st

    We can’t wait!

Interested in becoming a Storyblok Partner? Reach out to us.

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