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Partner Benefits: Partner Listing & Co-marketing

Tarek El Deeb
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Storyblok is the first headless CMS that works for developers & marketers alike.

Signing up to the Partner Program here at Storyblok provides you and your organization with many great perks to help you kickstart your journey with us. It’s our way of extending our hand of friendship to give you the best possible experience and tools for your success.

Among the various perks and benefits we provide to our partners, is the ‘Partner Listing’ benefit - but what does that mean?

As a Storyblok Partner, you have the ability to join our exclusive Partner Listing page, a community of agency & solution partners with certifiable, reliable skills, to help customers deliver upon their project goals and requirements. Our partner listing is designed to match-make customers to our partner's certified competencies and services. For our partners, this is also an invaluable source of qualified customer leads. Essentially, the partner listing should be the solution for any prospective client looking for the right partner to team up with to achieve their project goals.

The partner listing page is also a great co-marketing opportunity for our partners. On your exclusive listing on the partner page, you can highlight the competencies that make you special, display case studies about the projects you’ve created with Storyblok and would like to present to the world, as well as all the information that makes you unique. Once your exclusive listing is live, your page will passively bring you interest from prospective clients, especially if you always update it to reflect your latest projects and achievements.

Section titled Co-marketing Co-marketing

We love co-marketing initiatives with our partners. Joining forces to create powerful and impactful content is always on our agenda, and we highly encourage it. Working on the right initiative can grant you global exposure and local recognition, thereby broadening the reach of your company’s audience for example. So what kinds of co-marketing initiatives are we talking about?

There are many different avenues to take when it comes to co-marketing with our partners: