How your agency can generate leads through a Storyblok partnership

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    "Measure twice, cut once" is not just a proverb. It's also a rule that defines how we evaluate our business partnerships' success. What I am trying to say is that partnerships are assessed differently today. It's no longer just about measuring the number of partners we have but more about measuring the benefits we receive in a strategic partnership. The bottom line is you need to know whether you’re getting the best out of your partnership.

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    Many Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can tell you if a strategic partnership benefits your business. Some of those KPIs include partner-sourced revenue, partner-influenced revenue, leads generated by partners, number of opportunities sourced by partners, number of opportunities influenced by partners, and much more. And if you think you don’t have the time to measure all of that, let me make your life easier. It would be sufficient to start by focusing on one KPI: Leads Generated by Partners, which is one of the most common KPIs in 2022.

    In order to help our partners generate leads, we have developed our Partner Program, which is designed and designated to help our partners find the right customers and for our customers to find the right partner agencies. Therefore, there are multiple ways in which we generate leads for our partners. Let’s take a look at them.

    Leads Through Storyblok’s Partner Listing

    In order to help our clients find a partner agency for their next project, we refer them to our partner listing, where they have the option to look through a list of partners as well as choose from available filters set to help them find an agency based on their specific needs. The way our partner listings are designed, when a Storyblok client has selected a partner agency they would like to work with, they can use the contact form under the partner agency listing to get in touch. Our team at Storyblok will facilitate the process. Another way to get in touch with our certified partners is by clicking on the direct link leading to their website under the agency's Storyblok listing.

    Leads Through Storyblok’s Sales & Partner Teams

    In addition to helping Storyblok clients who show interest in finding an agency by referring them to our certified partners listing, our sales team will always suggest a solution/implementation partner for any new client. Moreover, our team takes the time to explore the client’s needs in regards to their tech requirements, region, timeline, sector, budget, etc. By getting this information our sales team can either make a suggestion based on their relationships with Storyblok partners or they move the lead to our Partner Success Managers who make a selection of partners that fit the client’s requirements and get in touch with them to present the lead. In both cases, if the partners find the lead to be a match, our team will facilitate the introduction and the first meeting. After that, it’s all magic.

    Leads Through Partner Marketing

    To help create leads for our partners, Storyblok has developed a co-marketing program, which is a very cool benefit that comes with a 5000 euro annual co-marketing budget for certified partnerships. This, in addition to all the other amazing benefits we offer, allows us to promote our partners and help bring leads to the table. To give you a better understanding of the program, we collaborate with our partners on guest articles, shared PR activities, events, and much more. Our Partner of the Month program is a great way for us to showcase a partner each month. Throughout the whole month, we advertise our partners on our social media, blog, and website. Lastly, our partners get to showcase their work through case studies, which we share on our website and as part of the partner listings. Through these case studies, our partners get to showcase their work and successful projects which we then share with the world and of course, our clients. Check out some of our partner case studies here.

    The Journey Continues

    What’s interesting to know is that the journey does not stop there. To quote one of our Partner Success Managers, Francesca Montisci, “After the onboarding process for our partners is finished and we have made sure they have all the resources they need, we continue to stay in touch. This helps us stay aligned with the needs of our partners and their clients. Most importantly, keeping a healthy relationship with our partners helps both of us discover new ways to collaborate and conquer new markets.” In addition, our sales team continues to be supportive and transparent with our clients. Therefore, if our Sales Representatives identify a need at any point of the client’s project, they are ready to make the connection with the partner agency that can best address that need.

    The entrepreneurs of today understand that the future of business continues to be in the hands of successful partnerships. To us at Storyblok, our partnerships are golden and we put a lot of effort into making sure our partners receive all the support they need to succeed. In the same way, they help us grow too - a perfect match.