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Ecosystem Expanded: Vue Storefront

Laura Gavrilă
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Building a tech ecosystem means more than creating partnerships and compiling an app stack. It means creating effective and functional technology threads that can fulfill the entire spectrum of customer needs. Who you partner with and what integrations you can enable have become crucial factors in deciding your success.
The thing that mattered the most for us with the launch of the technology ecosystem was to make an official commitment to the industry: Storyblok is putting its shoulder into producing amazing digital experiences for their customers. This also meant that innovation was the main driver in building the ecosystem.
In this article we will take a look at one of our eCommerce partners: Vue Storefront.

Section titled Frontend drives customer experience

Vue Storefront is a Frontend Platform for Headless Commerce, which was built with an open-source mindset and the trust of a global community. It is the result of an effort to provide developers with modern and forward-thinking technical solutions crafted to meet common eCommerce industry challenges.

The software is not only one of the biggest and the fastest growing Frontend for eCommerce, it’s a whole ecosystem of frontend services that can work together or independently. Each of the services addresses a key component of your development cycle while building eCommerce storefronts – from ‘Build to Launch.’

When it comes to creating and controlling the customer experience, with Vue Storefront you get the best starting point for a strong headless commerce strategy. Just to name a few of the benefits:

Speed and mobile-first architecture
Frontend technology that boosts the customer experience, SEO and your conversion rates.

20+ out-of-the box integrations
Pre-built integrations with best-of-breed eCommerce solutions speed up your time-to-market by 5x.

Ready-to-customize design system and UI
Fast and accessible design system with ready UI components. Customize it and scale it in any direction you choose.

Hosting Platform
Optimal environment for fueling your frontend performance and cutting much of your DevOps costs.

Section titled Headless commerce architecture

We have talked extensively about headless CMSs, but for the purpose of understanding the Vue Storefront partnership with Storyblok, let’s take a look at what headless commerce means.
Headless commerce architecture, just like headless CMS architecture, separates a system's frontend (presentation layer) and the backend (business logic) layer. As a part of a broader composable commerce approach, it includes multiple types of solutions:

  • Frontend as a Service (frontend architecture)
  • a headless commerce platform
  • a headless CMS
  • search and payment solutions
  • Etc.

Headless commerce architecture allows for the construction of streamlined systems by putting together loosely coupled elements. Content creators can compose their headless stack by adding, removing, and altering particular services to build a best-of-breed stack tailored to their needs. Thus, your business gains the agility and flexibility to operate in the highly competitive eCommerce market and meet ever-changing customer expectations.

Section titled Vue Storefront integration with Storyblok

This integration, developed by Vue Storefront, is built on top of a Nuxt.js module that you can install along with your Vue Storefront application. The module provides connection with the Storyblok CMS and the Vue Storefront public API . By using this connection you will receive special data that can be used to build auto generated components from Storefront UI. Also, this data will be rendered to the Vue.js components.

Leveraging the potential of headless e-commerce with a PWA & Storyblok: Touchwonders developed the new webshop for BARTS, specialised in high quality fashion accessories for adults and kids.

The cheerful Pip collection comes to life in a fast, versatile webshop that is intuitive and easy to use for Pip Studio and for its customers, developed by Touchwonders.

Quote from Heiko Beereboom, Managing Partner at Touchwonders

The integration between Storyblok and Vue Storefront works like a charm. The integration is easy and fast to setup. The solid documentation on this topic helped us a lot too.

Heiko Beereboom
Heiko Beereboom
Managing Partner at Touchwonders

Vue Storefront comes with a public API that allows you to connect and integrate with any content delivery/management system. Usually using this API leads to connection with CMS JavaScript SDK that can be used as a bridge to build a universal data structure for content rendering.
Therefore, this Storyblok integration provides composition functions called composables which use the mentioned connection.
You can find a guide for the integration here.

Section titled Conclusion

Technology partnerships and integrations are more and more a reality of the tech industry and we are excited to partner up with Vue Storefront, a fellow member of the MACH alliance. Together we foster an environment of competition and collaboration. This in turn enables the stimulation of innovations, new technology development, obtaining complementary resources, and, in the end entering new markets.

Reach out to Vue Storefront's team to learn more about the fantastic solutions they provide.