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Dentsu Creative - Pioneering digital innovation

Agata Kędzia

Dentsu Creative Amsterdam is a digital agency that crafts forward-thinking brands, digital experiences, campaigns, and content. With a team of about 100+ technology enthusiasts, they craft unique digital projects with a fearless mix of modern creativity, optimism, and positive energy.

Their goal when helping clients is building brands through strategy, creativity, technology, and design. This multidimensional approach makes them Storyblok's perfect solution partner, with whom we're proud to collaborate. Hence, we're happy to announce that Dentsu Creative is our April Partner of the Month!

Section titled Why do we love working with Dentsu Creative? Why do we love working with Dentsu Creative?

The agency is aware of changing market trends and the diversity of today's digital world. They see companies' diversified cultures, values, languages, and project launch habits as challenging and exciting. Moreover, Dentsu Creative believes that every contact moment with a brand is one where they can make a difference.

That's why the agency doesn't just specialize in brand positioning, identity design, and integrated campaigns. They also value experience, innovation, entertainment, and social media innovative approaches. This broad view of the digital landscape enables them to produce distinctive creations that resonate with the global cultural dialogue.

Section titled Storyblok: Dentsu Creative’s CMS of choice Storyblok: Dentsu Creative’s CMS of choice

Dentsu Creative believes in focusing on quick content creation and publishing. That's why they've noticed a high demand for flexibility and scalability. After experimenting with other CMSs, like Prismic, the agency realized Storyblok was the best fit. The CMS perfectly fits their ambitions and their clients' needs.

Quote from Serge Kok, Account Director at Dentsu Creative Amsterdam

Making a good digital journey for a customer means making a good experience for the end user and the developer, designer, author, project manager, etc. Storyblok is the best of both worlds: Painless to build and painless to edit.

Serge Kok
Serge Kok
Account Director at Dentsu Creative Amsterdam

Let's look closely at Serge's thoughts about Storyblok. Why exactly does he love using the CMS?

  • Painless to build:
    The way components in Storyblok map to components in React, Vue, or others makes it very simple to work with. It doesn't create abstract metaphors or models like other CMSs they used.
  • Painless to edit:
    This means the agency can build any project they imagine, yet any of their clients can seamlessly and flexibly edit it with very little instruction.

Storyblok has also changed how Dentsu Creative tells their tech approach to clients. The agency always starts with the user experience and the brand perspective. In the past, using other CMSs, it was often a struggle for them and their clients to make this happen. But now, with Storyblok, they can move forward with their projects faster, easier, and more effectively. In particular, Storyblok's Visual Editor is a feature the agency's clients find valuable and helpful.

Quote from Serge Kok, Account Director at Dentsu Creative Amsterdam

Storyblok helped us create and build websites faster, which are also easy to use for marketers and editors. Therefore, there is no compromise between the experience ambition and the experience we deliver.

Serge Kok
Serge Kok
Account Director at Dentsu Creative Amsterdam

Section titled Breaking digital boundaries with Storyblok Breaking digital boundaries with Storyblok

Dentsu Creative identifies technology limitations as the primary challenge in today's digital market. These include blockers regarding tech stack, infrastructure, and even content creation. They noticed not many CMSs could let them start all over again with their digital projects.

With Storyblok, they can go for their preferred technology stack, considering their clients' specific needs and requirements. It lets them connect favorite frameworks and other technologies with the CMS, providing projects with outstanding performance and uninterrupted data flow. Their favorite technology combination, with Storyblok in the center of the digital hub, is Next.js as a framework and Vercel for hosting. With this tech architecture, they can develop supercharged, more dynamic, secure, and SEO-friendly sites.

Section titled Shaping the digital future with Lumion Shaping the digital future with Lumion

Lumion is a leading 3D rendering tool for architects and designers. It provides a quick and enjoyable experience for bringing project visualizations to life. The software enables the conversion of architectural designs into lifelike visuals.

After moving to a subscription model, the company wanted to deliver more frequent software innovations. The company turned to Dentsu Creative for help to mark this shift in product strategy. Dentsu Creative used Storyblok to launch a refreshed brand and new design for Lumion. The project implementation resulted in outstanding results:

  • A remarkable 4x increase in website speed
  • 41% improvement in monthly conversions
  • 40% increase in monthly traffic
  • A significant 100% Lighthouse SEO score

Lumion experienced significant business growth by transitioning from WordPress to Storyblok. This move streamlined content creation, improved UX and provided Lumion with a future-proof and scalable website.

See full Case Study

Section titled Celebrating Dentsu Creative’s partnership with Storyblok Celebrating Dentsu Creative’s partnership with Storyblok

Dentsu Creative believes modern brands are built by what you say (brand communications) and what you do (brand experience). This is the approach we share at Storyblok as well. That's why we're proud to collaborate with the agency and are happy they're our April Partner of the Month!

Learn more about Dentsu Creative by visiting their website. Also, don't forget to check out their outstanding products built on Storyblok on their partner listing.