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Lumion’s 4x faster platform: From WordPress to Storyblok

  • Headquarters: Sassenheim, the Netherlands
  • Technology Stack: React.js, 2CheckOut, Azure
4x ↑
Website Speed
41% ↑
monthly conversions
40% ↑
Monthly Traffic

Lumion is a top 3D rendering software for architects and designers. It offers a fast, fun, and intuitive way to visualize projects in immersive environments. Their solutions allow architects to transform designs into stunning reflections of reality. Over the past year, Lumion moved to a subscription model, delivering more frequent software innovations to the market. To mark this shift in product strategy, the company launched a refreshed brand identity and new design language.

To bring all this to the world, they needed a single solution to create a unified brand experience. At the same time, Lumion wanted to give their teams more flexibility to create content faster. Lumion achieved this dream with help from Dentsu Creative. They helped Lumion move from WordPress to Storyblok. This step modernized Lumion's brand platform, making it future-proof and 4x faster. As a result, their monthly traffic and conversions increased by 40%.

  • Quote from Aleca Balasiu, Head of Marketing at Lumion

    Storyblok helped our team come together on content creation and visual storytelling. It significantly sped up the time it takes to publish content and optimize user experience, making the whole process more enjoyable and collaborative.

    Aleca Balasiu
    Aleca Balasiu
    Head of Marketing at Lumion

Section titled Challenge accepted: Moving away from a traditional CMS

Lumion realized that to reach their goal, they needed a more flexible solution than WordPress.

  • Limited capabilities to scale and adapt user interface (UI): The team wanted to convey their new brand identity. Additionally, they wanted to translate that into consistent UI and user experience (UX) design patterns.
  • Too much complexity in managing content updates: The marketing team needed more autonomy to create, publish, and optimize content.
  • The steep learning curve for new users and non-technical team members: Lumion wanted an easier way for team members to collaborate on content management.
  • Lengthy development times to create landing pages: The team needed a solution that could support their content performance. They also wanted to add new features and improve the UX and conversion rates.
  • Complexity in managing many geo-location rules: Lumion, a brand with global outreach, wanted to customize the UX by location.

Section titled How Storyblok helped modernize Lumion's content and design strategy

Lumion's functionality showcase

Lumion had a clear idea of how they wanted their platform to look and function. Yet, they needed innovative and modern tools to achieve their dream. So, they decided to move away from Wordpress' traditional structure and implemented Storyblok. This move helped them connect all the dots of their new business model:

  • Lumion's marketers could manage content independently using Storyblok's easy interface. This enabled more people to contribute to the project. With the Visual Editor, they could manage content assets while optimizing the website experience.
  • The company used Storyblok's Content Blocks and templates to create landing pages easily. The website consists of 33 flexible components that use atomic design principles.
  • To boost Lumion's eCommerce experience, Dentsu redesigned the already connected 2CheckOut. The solution seamlessly redirects customers to external checkout.
  • Storyblok's easy-to-use content management system helped Lumion publish content faster. This change improved their internal processes.
  • With Storyblok, Lumion can host high-resolution graphics and animations, maintaining their fluidity. The team could improve the content experience by making it more immersive without compromising website speed. The result was a 4x faster website.
  • Storyblok helped improve Lumion's user engagement and product discovery. The team found a better way to improve user experience. As a result, they saw a significant increase in monthly traffic (40%) and conversion events (41%). Also, the platform achieved an outstanding score of 100% SEO ratio.
  • Quote from Serge Kok, Account Director at Dentsu Creative Amsterdam

    Storyblok is our first go-to CMS. With its functionalities, we were able to help Lumion with their brand positioning, brand identity, website design, platform infrastructure, as well as after-go-live support.

    Serge Kok
    Serge Kok
    Account Director at Dentsu Creative Amsterdam

Section titled Unleashing the potential of Lumion’s expansion

Today, users from all over the world use Lumion. As the company continues to grow its customer base, the team relies on Storyblok as the central hub for their digital platform. Lumion plans to expand the new website's reach by adding more localization features. Through this, they want to shift to a multilingual experience for their community.

  • Quote from Aleca Balasiu, Head of Marketing at Lumion

    Storyblok was the perfect solution for us to translate our new brand identity into UI and UX. It helped us accelerate our change process. With Storyblok, we can focus on building a more engaging website experience that supports our users and reflects our brand values.

    Aleca Balasiu
    Aleca Balasiu
    Head of Marketing at Lumion

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