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A DXP (Digital Experience Platform) is a concept that needs no introduction. It has become very clear that visitors no longer get mesmerized by browsing a website, looking at products online, or clicking a button to find out more or make a purchase. Everyone is hungry for digital experiences that knock down the walls between content and delivery and take us on a personalized journey to convince us a brand is worth our time. And how does a brand satisfy those demands? By incorporating a DXP for their website. A DXP enables brands to create and offer seamless digital experiences across all channels.

In this article, we’ll explain the basics of a DXP, the benefits of building a best-of-breed platform, and how you can do that with the help of Storyblok’s Ecosystem.

The what, how, and why of a DXP

  • What is a DXP: An integrated arrangement of technologies that support the composition, management, delivery, and optimization of contextualized digital experiences.

  • How does a DXP help: It serves as a central repository for a brand’s content. In addition, content can be delivered across omnichannel touchpoints: website, mobile apps, blog, social media, etc.

  • Why does a brand need a DXP: To deliver and power personalized, cross-channel digital experiences for their customers.

Off-the-shelf vs. composable DXP

A monolithic (off-the-shelf) DXP is an all-in-one platform that includes a Content Management System (CMS) and other technologies, such as eCommerce application tools, that are integrated into one suite purchased from one vendor. A composable DXP, on the other hand, is an enhanced “best-of-breed” architecture that lets you choose the best technologies that work together via APIs.

In our experience, a composable DXP is a more efficient approach, and here is why:

Monolithic DXP Composable DXP
Scalability Since monolithic suites provide you with a host of applications in one software suite, this means you’re locked into those apps. A future-proof set-up that grows as you grow: Solutions can be implemented and removed with ease due to the API architecture.
Flexibility External integrations with other best-of-breed solutions require development. The API architecture allows for easy, fast, and seamless integrations with any external solutions.
Cost High up-front cost. You might end up in a situation where you’re paying for applications you don’t use. You only pay for what you need: the solutions that fit your business requirements.
Security Since it’s one suite from one vendor, there’s always the possibility that a security flaw in one program may also be found in others. Due to its decoupled architecture, security issues are resolved outside normal cycle development times, speeding the process up.

Essentially, there is no one-size-fits-all DXP, and there shouldn’t be. Since every business is unique and there are thousands of options in the technology world today, you should always go for a best-of-breed solution. The ultimate goal is to have a platform that allows you to create, operate, maintain, govern, and grow your digital operations.

Building your DXP with Storyblok’s Ecosystem

In order to build a best-of-breed DXP, you’ll need to spend some time researching different technologies, building integrations, setting up the platform, and so on. If this seems like a project you are afraid to take on because of the effort required, let us make life easier for you. We present you with Storyblok’s Ecosystem: a network of Storyblok Technology Partners who offer innovative solutions that extend the value of your content structure. They are best-of-breed, MACH-aligned technologies that integrate with Storyblok’s CMS with ease. In fact, you’d be able to find pre-built integrations for most of these technologies within your CMS.

Our Technology Partner Listing consists of eCommerce, personalization, localization, deployment, PIM technologies, and more. Let’s assume you are building a global eCommerce site that needs to be translated into 3 languages. Looking at our Ecosystem, here are some of the technologies that you can incorporate into your DXP:

By using Storyblok in combination with our Ecosystem Technology Partners, many successful projects have already been built. Take a look at some of our case studies to realize the potential of building your DXP with us.

Why Storyblok?

Arguably, the best feature of Storyblok is its core DNA: API-first. The key component of an API-first CMS is that it enables organizations to take a best-of-breed approach, and the interoperability they provide can be used to create a best-of-breed DXP. An API-first CMS doesn’t place limitations on what your organization can create or do when it comes to digital experiences, as it enables easy and simple integrations. Being API-based, when integrating Storyblok with other technologies for your DXP, it’s all a matter of “connecting the wires” between these different services.

We built Storyblok with a robust and flexible plugin system to give our customers the power to extend Storyblok with custom applications or fields. There are three different ways in which you can extend Storyblok: Custom Applications, Field-Type Plugins, or Tool Plugins. On top of that, we offer partner solutions and API integrations to unlock new capabilities for your Storyblok projects. Essentially, we are building an API-driven architecture with the added benefit of developer flexibility and productivity, being future-proof, improved user experience, and, most importantly, you can integrate Storyblok with other API-led technologies.

Key Takeaways

If you are thinking about where your business will be in 2-3-5 years, it might be time to rethink your digital maturity. A DXP, which is a combination of technology tools, can help you provide every new customer with a better experience than the last. Essentially, there is no one-size-fits-all DXP, and there shouldn’t be. Since every business is unique, so should every DXP. Naturally, such a platform will never be the result of an "off-the-shelf" purchase based on a single all-in-one product from a single vendor. Build your DXP with Storyblok’s Technology Ecosystem, a network of technology providers that we trust and have a deep relationship with.

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