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Storyblok’s CMS provided 582% return on investment, according to TEI study

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Choosing a CMS is an investment decision for your organization’s future. 

To find out about the potential cost savings and business benefits of switching to Storyblok, Storyblok commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a TEI study. The TEI study (Total Economic Impact™) conducted an in-depth cost-benefit analysis of a composite organization based on real use cases and customers. This process considered how a certain piece of technology can impact an organization’s performance and revenue.

In this case, it examined the economic impact that Storyblok had on users who switched to the system from their original monolithic CMS. The result is an independent analysis of how one composite organization representative of interviewed customers achieved a 582% ROI when implementing and using Storyblok’s CMS over 3 years.

Section titled Study summary

Through comprehensive analysis, the Forrester study concluded that Storyblok provided a 582% return on investment to users over three years with payback within six months even when taking external decommissioning costs into account.

Two graphics, one reading "ROI 582%" and one reading "PAYBACK <6 months".

The study attributes this to a variety of factors: content lifecycle and a shortened time to market, faster deployment setup, as well as single source of content management. In addition, it was found that Storyblok as a CMS helped businesses create better, more engaging customer experiences.

A green bar graph showing exponential growth of total benefits.

The composite organizations saw considerable quantifiable benefits after switching to Storyblok, including a 3x boost in productivity.

Participants also listed several unquantified benefits. Users cited scalable content operations and improved experiences for content creators through the Visual Editor as significant benefits. Other aspects they listed as beneficial include localization capabilities and increased customer engagement.

After subtracting the costs of Storyblok over three years from the value it contributed, Forrester found a net present value of $1,682,104, bringing the composite organization an ROI of 582%.

These results demonstrate that Storyblok’s ROI is over 1.5x greater than Contentful’s (370%) and nearly 2x greater than Contentstack’s (295%).

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Calculate your potential return on investment with Storyblok's CMS using our interactive ROI Calculator.

Section titled Quantified benefits

Users experienced a variety of quantifiable benefits when making the switch to Storyblok’s CMS.

Section titled Faster content lifecycle worth more than $226,000

The content lifecycle was worth more than an estimated $226,000 to the composite organization over three years. Businesses experienced a faster time to market on the content side when working with Storyblok. Users attributed this to the fact that they were able to make more necessary changes more often. A senior product manager at an insurance firm said: “With Storyblok, we’re seeing an increased number of changes. Before, content creators wouldn’t dare to make changes ad hoc. Now, they’re empowered to make more updates. We’re relatively 2.5 times faster with Storyblok.” A director of digital intelligence at a retail firm informed Forrester that: “The frequency of execution of new assets (or amending existing ones) would mean making changes every two days due to cumbersome processes. Now with Storyblok, the frequency of updates is close to four changes per day.”

Businesses outside of the study also experienced time-to-market and resource spend improvements. Collectible brand leader Panini, for example, saved time and money by using a variety of Storyblok solutions, including:

  • The ability to duplicate content from existing projects to new sites with intuitive Atomic Design
  • Seamless collaboration between content editors and other stakeholder teams
  • Cloud-hosted infrastructure that doesn’t require a database to be constantly monitored, updated, and optimized

Section titled 3x productivity boost with faster deployment setup

Storyblok’s deployment setup led to significant operational efficiency. This drove a 3x productivity boost. Efficiency also increased in managing their customer-facing websites with benefits like faster web page loading times and saved bandwidth. These results are in line with those seen by TableCheck, who experienced greater freedom and productivity once Storyblok allowed content editors to make changes without the help of developers.

Section titled Single-source content management

Respondents in the survey referred to centralized content as a critical function. Storyblok provided them with a single source of content management as well as a digital asset manager, allowing for omnichannel publishing without the need for multiple CMSs. This reduced the original average of 2.5 days and 4 hours it took for the content to go live on the website. It also provided features such as content tagging, copyrighting, accessibility, and a central dashboard.

Section titled Unquantified benefits

Not all benefits offered by Storyblok were quantifiable. There were a variety of equally important unquantified ones as well.

Section titled Scalable content operations

Scalable content operations were supported by robust collaboration tools. Users reported that such tools provided faster feedback options and increased collaboration across teams after implementation. These tools include in-engine discussions, commenting functions, and customizable workflows.

With these functionalities, users are able to produce more content at a larger scale without unnecessary roadblocks. Sports tech company TrackMan, for example, uses Storyblok to deliver localized content to key markets across 7 countries with help from strategic streamlining.

Section titled Improved content practitioner experience

Storyblok’s Visual Editor was labeled as “extremely effective” by respondents, playing a large role in decreasing the publishing time. The ability to easily preview results created with the editor was also cited as a factor in creating better websites in less time.

Section titled Localization

All respondents operate in a global market. Storyblok’s localization features enabled users to customize their content based on location, using both field-level translations and 3rd party integrations. These reduced the time necessary to distribute the content, making for a timely and cohesive story for all audiences.

Section titled Increased customer engagement

Most users reported that customers were more engaged and spending more time on their sites thanks to Storyblok’s ability to improve the customer experience. They also attribute it to the frequent updates: Storyblok made it easier to make changes more often, a regularity that customers appreciated. For at least one organization, these changes were observable on both web browsers and mobile devices. Outside of the study, leading luxury watch company CHRONEXT tripled their app session times with Storyblok.

Section titled Customer success stories

Respondents reported a variety of benefits they observed after switching to Storyblok. These benefits translate into concrete improvements to their CMS experience. For example, one Senior Product Manager stated:

We really like the ease of use. The output has increased and I put that down to the speed of the platform – developers don’t always need to be involved and content creators can pick up from where they left off or from someone else. We couldn’t do that before.

In terms of time saved, a Senior Product Manager at an insurance firm said:

Before Storyblok, we just could not find the content we created or and the folders were hard to navigate. With Storyblok, I can say that our sprint points have increased by 32% whilst reducing our front-end developer count. The asset library and the features it includes is really a game changer for us.

A Director of Digital Intelligence also noted:

What is also quite interesting in Storyblok is the optimization capabilities our developers find particularly useful because you don't need a second system. This tool has boosted overall efficiency and productivity; you save bandwidth and increase the speed of your website, which is then again good for your loading times, customer experience and search engines.

Finally, a Product Owner noted:

It took us three months for a replacement website performing up to 50% faster.

Section titled Key takeaways: Why is this a significant ROI?

Storyblok is a cutting-edge CMS that empowers organizations around the world to make the most of their content. With the Forrester study’s findings of an ROI of 582% return over three years with payback in under six months, it’s apparent that interviewed users who are investing in the platform saw tangible, profitable results. By increasing efficiency, ease of use, market reach, and customer engagement, we believe Storyblok is revolutionizing the content management industry.

To learn more about how Storyblok generated ROI for its users, download the complimentary study today. For a customized economic impact estimate for your organization, you can also explore Storyblok's interactive ROI calculator.

Get the full Forrester study on the Total Economic Impact™ of Storyblok

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