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Crafting a perfect consumer journey for a cosmetics brand

Headquarters: Marrickville, Australia
Technology stack: Nuxt.js, Digital Ocean, BigCommerce

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Urban Jungle is a cosmetics brand involved in the fast-growing social media space. As part of the Vanity Group, which focuses on hotels, this is their first social media cosmetics brand. Vanity Group's main goal is to build awareness of Urban Jungle cosmetics. They believe this can be achieved through clever design and strategic use of social media.

Raak Creative was an ideal partner to help Urban Jungle achieve their goal. With Storyblok, the agency built the company's new future-proof platform. To do so, they implemented BigCommerce and Nuxt.js. The new technology architecture assured the website's user-friendly UX and faster data loading. Additionally, it improved the platform's digital assets performance. Finally, Storyblok gave the content creators complete control over content management.

The platform restructuring resulted in an outstanding 91% score in best practices and an 88% score on the SEO ratio.

  • Quote from Nathan Keatch, Head of Technology at Raak Creative

    Everyone is pretty happy with Storyblok because it does a job and it does it simply; it doesn’t complicate things, and for us, this is the most important thing.

    Nathan Keatch
    Nathan Keatch
    Head of Technology at Raak Creative

Section titled Searching for a powerful solution for Urban Jungle

Raak wanted to use a platform that didn't place any limitations on the design. At the same time, a new CMS had to be free of technical limitations. The main project's challenges were:

  • Finding a headless CMS that is flexible and future-proof: eCommerce space is very competitive. Urban Jungle needed to ensure that their website was running and loading smoothly.
  • Syncing product data between BigCommerce and Storyblok: Raak Creative set a goal to create a mechanism allowing Urban Jungle to transfer product data from BigCommerce to Storyblok and vice versa.
  • Tracking user data: The company aimed to stay updated with consumer behavior and adjust business strategy accordingly.
  • Ensuring fast loading of video content: Urban Jungle wanted to ensure the video content loads fast and effectively. They aimed to keep it bright and vibrant.
  • Assigning different editor roles: Content creators needed transparent and uninterrupted content publishing workflows.

Section titled The benefits of Storyblok, BigCommerce, and GraphQL

Raak decided to go with Storyblok because the client had used it before and was comfortable with it. They generally start from the commerce platform as a first point of contact when building a headless CMC - BigCommerce in this case. And they definitely knew it was going to be headless, which meant they needed to find a headless CMS to work with it. Having experience with Storyblok, Raak was already sure that it's the best way to go:

  • Raak implemented GraphQL as a query language to load data faster and more efficiently. Additionally, this offered Urban Jungle flexibility and website speed improvement.
  • Integrating BigCommerce allowed the company to transfer product data from one platform to another. Moreover, it added extra content to the products in Storyblok.
  • Raak used Storyblok's permission system to give users specific roles in editing and publishing content. Urban Jungle also benefited from the pipelines, which were a massive help in deploying changes across the platform. Moreover, it gave content creators a robust method for testing in staging ahead of production.
  • Setting up analytics tools and optimizing video performance: This ensured that, as a user flows through this site, they will go from Urban Jungle's website to their hosted BigCommerce store. This way, they can track user data throughout the entire journey.

Urban Jungle's eCommerce Store

Section titled Urban Jungle's synchronized digital journey

Raak provided Urban Jungle with training on both the eCommerce aspect and CMS during the handoff. The agency has found that Storyblok is easy to navigate and difficult to break accidentally. They invested a minimal amount of time in training clients on the configuration of Storyblok. Urban Jungle understood very quickly how specific components function on different entry types.

Setting up the digital environment, Raak included a site settings page, which serves as a central hub for global settings, such as color schemes for alert banners and text that can be applied universally across the site. Extensive settings features and reusable content blocks provided Urban Jungle with a separate and streamlined method to customize global settings. This helps optimize the management of complex design elements across the site.

Urban Jungle Product Screen

Section titled Storyblok as the one-stop solution

Raak & Urban Jungle still plan to develop the multi-platform, particularly with Storyblok's mobile application development, alongside the website. Having a single source of truth for data is a perfect solution for Urban Jungle in terms of feeding multiple sites or apps from that one place. This way, they can provide platform areas with the same content, which makes the digital journey consistent.

One CMS, endless possibilities