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All you need to know: JSWorld Conference 2021

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This month has been amazing in terms of high-quality technical content at the JSWorld Conference. It was a five-day remote-only event with over 55 speakers. Rarely have we seen so much technical content in such a short amount of time. This article will highlight our own experience joining the conference.

JSWorld Conference Talks from Storyblok


The program of the conference was filled until the last second. You could see 100 talks in 5 days, with a huge amount of knowledge on various topics. Each day was dedicated to a specific topic:

  • Day 1: DesignOps
  • Day 2: Full-Stack
  • Day 3: DevOps
  • Day 4: Javascript
  • Day 5: Vue.js

We will not go over all the talks, since there were way too many and we couldn't possibly watch every single one. However, we want to highlight some talks we loved:

We enjoyed that the different days had a clear focus and you could pick a specific day to really dive deep into a specific frontend area like DesignOps or Javascript Frameworks.

Our Contribution

We were lucky to join JSWorld Conference as a sponsor and to have 2 amazing talks as well as take part in a panel discussion about Headless CMS.

Day 2 - Sky’s the limit: Headless eCommerce with Next.js

In this talk, Lisi Linhart showed how to connect a Next.js commerce project & the BigCommerce API with Storyblok to create storefronts that are easy to edit and adapt by anyone. By leveraging the connection between different headless APIs, applications can become increasingly flexible to get the best out of different systems: Performance through Next.js, editing Capabilities through Storyblok, and eCommerce management with BigCommerce. If you missed the talk, you can still take a look at the slides here.

Day 3 - Panel Discussion:, Storyblok,

The panel discussion on Headless CMS was a great conversation lead by Gift Egwuenu and Israel Roloán interviewing Knut Melvær from, Pierre Burgy from Strapi, and Dominik Angerer from Storyblok. They discussed the basic structures of a headless CMS like a Richtext Editor, integrating with other services as-well-as the No-Code movement. All of them see collaboration with different technologies as an important part of the headless ecosystem.

Day 5 - A sneak peek into the future headless eCommerce

On the last Vue.js day Samuel Snopko gave a great technical demo of how to connect Storyblok with Commercetools for eCommerce management and with VueStorefront for displaying beautiful storefront components. If you weren't able to watch the talk, you can find his slides here.

Last Words

With all things considered – we do miss conferences where you can meet people face to face and hope that they will come back someday. However, the organizers did a great job in setting up this remote conference. With the conference platform, you could use the connect feature to meet random people remotely, you could chat with the speaker during the talk and ask them questions in a separate Q&A session. Finally, the organizers offer recordings of all talks to rewatch for a fair price of € 49,--. We think it was a great event with a lot of nice people and we would like to thank all the organizers for creating an opportunity for us to meet and learn!


Lisi Linhart

Lisi Linhart

Lisi is a front-end engineer with a passion for web animation and UX. She is working for Storyblok as a Developer Experience Engineer from Salzburg, Austria.