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All you need to know: DevOne 2019

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Another developer conference that is taking place in our hometown - you know where to find us. We joined the DevOne in Linz, and today I want to share our thoughts, learnings, and experiences.

DevOne Website 2019

Section titled The DevOne Intro The DevOne Intro

If you attended the DevOne of last year (timetravel here) you already know that their intro is one of the best experiences you will ever get on any conference, not only in Austria but in the whole universe (I'm not telling you that because their branding is spacy, its actually that good tho – okay the branding is spacy too). DevOne is an international conference with 600 attendees from all over the world. Their mission for 2019 is to embrace change: "To grow, to scale, to let in new technology as it transforms us as people.".

With 600 "explorers" attendees from all over the world it is a great opportunity to meet other people, discuss DevOps, scaling and other tech topics while enjoying a great venue and amazing speakers from Companies like: AWS, Github, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Zeit, LaunchDarkly and local heroes like Rainer Stropek from Software Architects.

Section titled Speakers and Talks Speakers and Talks

I'll cut a bit short on each topic because the team behind DevOne already did an amazing job with a short teaser/summary for every individual talk, and hopefully will also upload the recordings for you.

UPDATE: Recordings are here!

DevOne on Twitter

Section titled Noteworthy Stuff Noteworthy Stuff

My biggest surprise was Wolfgang Hennerbichler! He talked about his role as "Software Reliability Engineer" (Try to pronounce that 5-10 times really fast! I dare you (as he did) to give it a try. As a native German speaker it is actually quite hard; damn he was right...) and challenges he and his team back at Google (and now at Github) faced. The overall SRE process and topics you should have a look at. Not only was his talk well prepared, he also managed to speak in front of 600 developers like it was a discussion on a local meetup. Do you know what's even more crazy about that? It was his debut on stage as his talk was a submission on the DevOne CFP.

I loved the final talk by Mathieu Henri who amazed me with his live coding skills and his basically none existing cheat sheet (saw it after the talk). This man is crazy; building animations using HTML, CSS and a bit of JS to produce something that beautiful. I would have loved to see his first talk at the ScriptConf back in 2017 - sadly missed that. If you have the chance to see Mathieu at a conference make sure to not miss him; he is like the Bob Ross of developers: there are no mistakes only happy little accidents.

Schedule, overall feeling, attendees and branding on the overall conference was spot on. It was the perfect setup to hear about new trends, get to know new people and discuss use cases and share experiences. I'm not sure how the DevOne team will beat this year's conference in 2020 – but they did manage to even top their 2018 conference.

DevOne on Twitter

Section titled Last words Last words

If you happen to be in Linz in 2020 I'd love to meet you at the DevOne; I'll be there for sure! Can't wait for another adventure to space!


Dominik Angerer

Dominik Angerer

A web performance specialist and perfectionist. After working for big agencies as a full stack developer he founded Storyblok. He is also an active contributor to the open source community and one of the organizers of Scriptconf and Stahlstadt.js.