New updated Dashboard for your Spaces


How many API requests did I use today? How many content entries do I have? How many updates am I making per day? How many collaborators do I have left? All those questions and more are now covered in our new dashboard. You will now be able to find a quick update on latest changes, update frequency directly on startup.


New CMS dashboard

Every space will now be able to see that update right on their dashboard, we’ve moved the token creation down a bit and also added it to the settings of your space. The activities feed you previously had on the dashboard is now available with its own app and adds an additional menu item to your space, which allows you to see all updates in one feed.

API Requests Feed

CMS dashboard - API requests

Do you want to know if you could improve you caching? With our API request graph, you will see how many API requests will hit our machines. Why would you like to add an additional caching layer? We already cache your requests via our CDN, however, if you’re using a freshly created timestamp each time you’re doing a request you will not be benefiting from this mechanism. Have a look at our API documentation to receive the timestamp of the latest change, so you’re always up to date and still be able to cache as much as possible

Content Activity Feed

CMS dashboard - Content Activity

Do you want to know how many updates your team did in the last fourteen days? We got you covered, see how many updates were made on specific dates right away.

Users, Recent changes and Usage

User count, recent changes, and usage in the new Storyblok dashboard

Users, recent changes, and usage round up to the new dashboard, allowing you to have all information about your space without looking in different places.

What’s next?

As you know we’re always searching for a way to improve Storyblok to get a better experience to you, therefore we would love to receive your feedback! Let us know which metrics you would love to see next right down below in the comments.