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There are a series of things that make Storyblok stand out, like offering one of the best editing experiences, secure and compliant data transfer, and next-level content authoring. But, for some of our clients, the most important thing is the benefit of scalable and predictable pricing. We count on you being successful and we offer you the resources to keep growing.
Storyblok was founded on the principle that no matter the size of a business, we are affordable. We offer scalable, transparent and predictable pricing which is not based on usage.

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Scalability, transparency and predictability

One of the main features that sets us apart from our competitors is the way our plans are structured and detailed. We strive to offer a very clear, easy-to-understand, picture of what we offer in terms of features and support. More than that, they are well thought out so that they scale organically as your business and business needs grow.
We are also confident that the level of predictability of our pricing, based on features, demand, and market trends, is set up to attract customers and maximize your sales.
Let’s check out our subscription plans to get a clear image of our promise.

Community - Use it for free

Our Community Plan is free forever, it includes one seat, and it’s meant for private projects, freelancers, developers, and anyone who wants to try Storyblok.
The level of resources and features are designated to fit individual projects and similar ventures. Additionally, you have the option to add up to 10 users for a fee.

Entry and Teams - Scale your way up

Both the Entry and Teams Plan are self-service. Both plans are configured to help you build and scale your projects, and you can choose one of them depending on the size of your team and projects.
The Entry Plan starts at 5 user seats, and you can add up to 30 user seats. The Team Plan has a double number of users to begin with, and you can increase the number up to 40 user seats. With this plan you also have a list of extra features and backup.

Enterprise - Scalability, security and enterprise-grade features

Our top offering is the Enterprise Plan, helping, as the name suggests, enterprises with all their content operation. When choosing this plan, you benefit from a simplified scalability effort. Most of the consumption-based items can be limited from a technical point of view but they do not affect the overall price. Additionally to all the features, the plan includes advanced security, extended support, an organization user manager, SSO and up to 99.9% uptime SLA.

Enterprise Plus - Three variables, one plan

As you scale up, and your business grows beyond the Enterprise Plan, we also offer Enterprise Plus. With this plan you have access to the seam features of the Enterprise Plan and you can customize three variables according to your needs: Users, Spaces and Traffic. In this plan, you also have a dedicated Customer Success Specialist.

Key Takeaway

At the end of the day, no matter what we say, the only way to know for sure is to explore Storyblok on your own. Check out our Pricing Page and get started today. We are ready for your success!


Contact our sales team for more information on Enterprise and Enterprise Plus.

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