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Ecosystem Expanded - Bynder

Ana Ilievska

Driving exceptional content experiences by elevating how we create, manage, and distribute digital assets is unquestionably a top priority when digitalizing a brand. Problems like siloed content, lack of governance and visibility, slow time to market, unnecessary costs, and the lack of brand consistency can now become a part of the past. If you are wondering how - we’ve got you covered. We introduce you to Bynder, a Storyblok Technology Partner, part of our eminent Tech Ecosystem. Let’s take a look at what Bynder has to offer.

Bynder goes far beyond managing digital assets. The digital asset management (DAM) platform enables teams to conquer the chaos of proliferating content, touchpoints, and relationships in order to thrive. With powerful and intuitive solutions that embrace the way people want to work and a richly integrated ecosystem, Bynder is the brand ally that unifies and transforms the creation and sharing of assets - inspiring teams, delighting customers, and elevating businesses.

Bynder’s 500+ employees, known as ‘Byndies’, constitute the world’s most extensive pool of digital asset management expertise. Bynder enables more than 1.7M users across nearly 4000 organizations, including Spotify, Puma, Five Guys, and Icelandair. Founded in 2013, Bynder has eight offices around the globe, including the Netherlands, the US, Spain, the UK, Australia, and UAE.

Storyblok x Bynder Partnership

Section titled The Storyblok & Bynder partnership The Storyblok & Bynder partnership

Many players in the DAM space are not truly scalable, which means that businesses using these solutions will reach a point where their needs are no longer being met. What makes Bynder unique is its ability to evolve with its customers, meaning that it can solve both simple and complex use cases and scale without compromising a brand-first, intuitive platform approach. Hence, the partnership with Storyblok.

Storyblok partnered with Bynder due to the platforms’ shared core values as well as mutual customers. Bynder and Storyblok strive to stay at the forefront of their respective industries by constantly evolving their offerings and introducing new features and technologies. We understand the importance of delivering intuitive, user-friendly solutions that empower customers to manage and distribute digital content effectively.

Quote from Simon Turner, Technology Partner Manager at Storyblok

We share many core values with Bynder, which is what makes our partnership so unique. By combining Storyblok with the DAM features of Bynder, our customers can streamline their content creation process, enhance brand consistency, and deliver engaging content to their audience with ease.

Simon Turner
Simon Turner
Technology Partner Manager at Storyblok

Section titled The Storyblok x Bynder integration The Storyblok x Bynder integration

The plugin seamlessly integrates Bynder’s DAM capabilities into Storyblok, enabling users to easily access and utilize assets within their content management workflow. Thanks to the integrations, users can browse their Bynder assets directly from Storyblok’s Visual Editor, eliminating the need to find and search for assets on different platforms.

How to leverage the Bynder x Storyblok integration

Bynder’s search and filtering options allow users to quickly find the specific assets they need, whether it’s images, videos, documents, or other media files. Once users have selected the desired assets, the Bynder plugin provides a simple way to insert it directly to their content within Storyblok. The integration ensures that users maintain brand consistency by accessing the latest versions of their assets stored in Bynder. In addition, the integration enhances collaboration between teams. Designers can upload and manage assets in Bynder, while content teams can easily access and incorporate those assets into their content in Storyblok.

Quote from Bas van Reeuwijk, Director Integration and Technology Partnerships at Bynder

One of the biggest challenges many enterprises have is being able to use and reuse creative assets across their channels. The integration with Storyblok allows our customers to use their creative assets on their websites and, through Dynamic Asset Transformation (DAT) support, adjust the sizing and formatting at the point where the asset is used without impacting the site’s performance.

Bas van Reeuwijk
Bas van Reeuwijk
Director Integration and Technology Partnerships at Bynder

Section titled Made with Storyblok & Bynder: Micheldever Group - Protyre Made with Storyblok & Bynder: Micheldever Group - Protyre

Micheldever are the largest tyre wholesaler in the UK. Their Protyre retail brand underwent a digital transformation to modernise its eCommerce experience and enhance customer engagement. The aim was to provide a frictionless buying experience for tyres and autocare services.

The company pursued a composable digital estate, adopting MACH architecture principles to ensure flexibility, agility, and futureproofing. The goal was to create a platform with faster performance, improved business agility, and efficient operationalisation of data. Taking an API-first, best-in-breed approach, they deployed Bynder DAM and Storyblok in order to create and update assets faster and build more compelling content experiences.

Section titled Bynder - Unite. Create. Thrive. Bynder - Unite. Create. Thrive.

If you are looking to have an intuitive approach to managing your digital assets, Bynder’s solution has you covered. By establishing an enterprise-wide single system of record that’s also plugged into other upstream and downstream applications, users move assets across the content lifecycle quicker, enabling more teams in the organization to use the right material and deliver on-brand assets to customer-facing applications like CMS and PIM systems automatically. Here are the top three Bynder qualities that make the solution standout:

  • Usability: Bynder has always been the most intuitive DAM platform from its consumer-grade user interface to its search-focused simple user experience of finding assets and completing tasks. Minimal training required results in a high adoption rate which is crucial any time a new software platform is introduced to a large user community - something that any Enterprise DAM deployment is dependent on.
  • Richly integrated: Today, more and more organizations are embracing a composable, best-in-breed approach, and they require platforms to enable connectivity across the content lifecycle as assets are created, managed, and distributed to the market. Bynder has an industry-leading out-of-the-box integrations catalog as well as software developer kits, an open API, and a robust network of system integrators.
  • Humanly-attuned: The technology that’s required to manage brands and digital assets can undermine creativity and brand connection. Bynder’s intuitively designed tools liberate individuals and teams to be more creative without sacrificing speed, consistency, and control. And Bynder’s best-in-class onboarding, customer success, and support ensure each DAM deployment is a true partnership built for long-term success.

Get in touch with Bynder's team to learn more about the solution and our integration.