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Celebrating Build in Amsterdam’s 4 Gold Lovie Awards

Agata Kędzia
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At Storyblok, we are in touch with our amazing partners every day, helping them design, create, and develop unique digital platforms. What’s especially important for us is that we often have the opportunity to watch how these projects evolve from the very beginning. We are always happy to dive deeply into process complexities, talking to our partnering agencies and their clients. Knowing how much work our partners put into creating exceptional websites that tell great stories to the world, we are sure that great news shouldn’t go unnoticed!

We are thrilled to announce that our Dutch Partner Build in Amsterdam has been appreciated and honored for their amazing achievements and has won as many as 4 Gold & 1 Silver Lovie Awards! The mission of this initiative is to honor the best of the European internet, recognizing exceptional outcomes and impacts of web projects - from Europe’s top web and creative networks and content publishers, to cultural and political organizations and individual creators.

Additionally, we are excited to share that Storyblok was a part of as many as 4 of the prizes won! We are honored and happy to take part in such amazing projects.

Here are the awarded projects:

  • Vitra - Office Chair Finder: Gold award in Best in lifestyle category, Gold award in People’s choice category (made with: Storyblok, Next.js, Vercel)

Vitra was created to design the perfect office chair finder from the ground up. The office chair finder is a digital tool that plays the role of an intelligent Vitra store assistant who's able to ask you the right questions in order to help you find the perfect office chair.

  • Land of Ride: Gold award in Best in Travel & Tourism category (made with: Storyblok, Next.js, Vercel, Shopify)

Land of Ride curates and offers unforgettable journeys for sports aficionados of all levels. By combining strategy, identity, and development we have built the brand from the ground up.

  • Foam magazine: Silver award in Best in art category (made with: Storyblok, Next.js, Vercel)

The Foam photography museum platform is an exploratory space fostering emotional browsing & content discovery while giving easy access to the event calendar, ticket sales, workshops, archives, podcasts & more.

  • Moooi: Gold award in Best in retail & shopping category

A big and heartfelt congratulations to our partner Build in Amsterdam! We are proud to be collaborating with such amazing people and participating in their digital platforms’ creation journey. Creating and telling great stories is in our DNA and so is Build in Amsterdams’ case.

We wish you even more success in the future and will be more than happy to help you achieve such huge goals.