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Visual Headless: Why is your website your brand’s business card?

Agata Kędzia

Since businesses strive to create unique and engaging experiences for their customers, the importance of creating visually appealing websites has never been more important. With the rise of headless content management systems (CMSs), businesses are now able to take advantage of the powerful capabilities of current technologies to do so. As content management has evolved, so have the visual components of content management. Let’s take a look at how going headless can help your agency’s and your clients' websites take their online presence to the next level and make it your company’s best business card.

As they see you, so they perceive you: Why is your website’s visual aspect so important?

In the digital world, having a website is key to staying competitive in any industry. Your website is, in many cases, the first impression your audience will have of your company, so its visual aspect is incredibly important. When a client visits your website, they immediately make a (often unconscious) judgment about your agency based on how you represent yourself. A visually engaging platform with a clear design and user-friendly navigation will make your visitors more likely to stay and explore what you have to offer.

Beyond that, having a visually appealing website can also help build trust with your customers. A website with a modern aesthetic and a clear layout signals to your audience that your company is contemporary and reliable. Your digital platform needs to reflect your company’s values and help build a unique, coherent, and strong brand identity. Visuals have the tremendous power to evoke emotions, which in turn strongly influence buying decisions. Professionally produced visuals can also help create a more memorable and effective customer experience and lead to increased brand loyalty and conversions.

Finally, did you know that your website’s visual aspect can also have a huge impact on its search engine rankings? Here’s an interesting fact: Popular search engines like Google use algorithms to determine which websites appear at the top of search results. Platforms with optimized images, a well-designed layout, and other appealing visual components are most likely to appear on rankings higher than visually neglected websites and are more accessible in general.

Breathtaking visuals creation with Storyblok

Now that we’ve covered why you should care about your visuals, let’s look at what headless CMS has to do with a website appearance. With the development of technology solutions, you’ll be amazed at how diverse, high-profiled, unique, and advanced web platforms can become when opting for headless CMS at the heart of the tech hub. Since multiple tech solutions can be merged with the help of a headless CMS, the visual aspect is certainly not left behind here! Going headless gives you the power to create, design, and manage content while providing a high level of website customization. Let’s take a look at how we take care of your visuals at Storyblok.

Keep your visuals integrated: A future-proof partnership with Cloudinary

You may be aware that we have launched our Technology Ecosystem to provide you with endless opportunities to enhance any website’s performance. We are proud to collaborate with our technology partners who are eager to help you create your dream digital platform. We serve you with our exceptional Storyblok & Cloudinary integration that will take your website’s multimedia, appearance, and functionality to the next level.

Cloudinary is a Digital Asset Management platform that helps brands manage and deliver digital experience across any browser and devices. It can unleash your website's full potential by delivering high-quality, responsive, and visually appealing experiences. With Cloudinary’s help, you can load images and videos without any influence on their quality, generate digital assets variants, as well as leverage artificial intelligence (AI) automation to create endless variants of your multimedia. We love seeing our partners deliver, store, optimize, and transform their website’s visual experiences with our Storyblok & Cloudinary integration. If you want to learn more, check out our Ecosystem Expanded: Cloudinary highlight.

A Visual Editor playground

We probably don’t need to introduce it to anyone, but in a visual context, it certainly should be mentioned. When creating projects with Storyblok, Visual Editor is where content creators can give vent to their creativity the most and can feel at home bringing their ideas for projects to life. We often hear that the most useful feature concerning the Visual Editor is the real-time preview function, which is a real game changer in visual planning, content testing, and workflow optimization. Another useful feature highly appreciated by Storyblok users is the drag and drop functionality, which allows you to move content blocks easily and put them in any given order.

Knowing how much our users love our Visual Editor, with the launch of Storyblok V2, we are proud to offer even more options to manage your visuals and take your website to the next level.

Quote from Sofija Korbelic, Design Team Manager, Storyblok

From a design perspective, Storyblok is a clear winner when it comes to headless CMS platforms. It allows me to work quickly and flexibly – especially when it comes to using live preview in Visual Editor or Discussions. These features make it gratifying to work with Storyblok.

Sofija Korbelic
Sofija Korbelic
Design Team Manager, Storyblok

In order to make your life even easier, you can access required blocks using the Search blocks feature. If you work on different content entries (Stories) simultaneously, it’s good to have their overview in one place. In order to do so, content creators can use the Navigation feature to switch between different entries, which also enables them to reuse and copy already-created content. The blocks library in V2 is fully transparent, easy to use, and easily accessible.

Going forward, your agency will likely want to spread content across different platforms and devices. That is the area where the Visual Editors’ Responsive view will be useful. It makes it possible to change and preview the screen size based on any of the default views (desktop, tablet, or mobile). Additionally, there’s a slider feature that allows you to change the block's size to suit your needs.

Storyblok V2 also includes a discussions option, where you can comment on any part of your content entry and collaborate with your team members by having conversations and exchanging insights. The discussions take part entirely within the Visual Editor so that you don’t have to switch between your slack, email, or other communication channels. We’re extremely proud to offer an experience that goes far beyond visual editing capabilities. Storyblok’s Visual Editor is, in fact, a multidimensional and unique tool that gives you freedom in managing, experimenting, and creating your project exactly the way you like.

Check out the Visual Editor V2 guide to find out more.

Let’s visually inspire each other!

Working with our partners inspires us everyday. Looking at what amazing projects you create makes us constantly think of new ways to help you achieve your goals and unleash your websites’ potential. Your projects are already your best ‘business cards’ and we want to be there for you to polish them exactly in the way you want, using future-proof and best-of-class technologies. Let’s deliver the best visual experience possible together!

Feel free to contact our Partner Team directly to discuss endless visual possibilities.