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Virtual Identity – Pioneering Digital Solutions with a Human-Centric Approach

Laura Gavrilă
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Virtual Identity, one of the DACH region's largest owner-managed digital agencies, stands at the forefront of transforming business challenges into digital victories. With over 190 dedicated colleagues spread across offices in Freiburg, Munich, Porto, and Vienna, this agency is a beacon of innovation, combining empathy and cutting-edge technologies to develop exceptional digital solutions.

At Virtual Identity, the primary goal is to delve deep into clients' business processes and customer touchpoints. This thorough understanding enables the agency to deliver bespoke solutions that not only meet but exceed client expectations, making a tangible difference in their business landscapes.

Section titled Collaboration with Storyblok Collaboration with Storyblok

Since 2018, Virtual Identity has been an early adopter of Storyblok, harnessing its modern SaaS and headless capabilities combined with an unparalleled editor experience.

Quote from Timo Mayer, Executive Board Member

We were early adopters of Storyblok and are also a committed contributor with our AI suite to Storyblok’s ecosystem. We are delighted to have grown with Storyblok over the years, both in terms of expertise and the size of the projects.

Timo Mayer
Timo Mayer
Executive Board Member

This strategic move was initiated when a major client required a new CMS for their global website platform, and Storyblok emerged as the perfect fit.

The agency has a flexible approach when choosing the right tech stack for their projects. They don't default to Storyblok but instead assess and select the most suitable tool based on each client's specific needs. However, Storyblok often emerges as the tool of choice.

Quote from Lars Brücher, Headless CMS Solution Expert

We always suggest the solution which fits best for the specific requirements of our clients. The fact that Storyblok is very often the product of choice speaks for itself.

Lars Brücher
Lars Brücher
Headless CMS Solution Expert

Section titled Technological versatility in a regulated world Technological versatility in a regulated world

Virtual Identity prides itself on tackling projects in highly regulated markets, often dealing with specific IT security demands. The agency's proficiency in providing IT and infrastructure stacks, including serverless and cloud-native solutions, significantly reduces maintenance efforts and enhances efficiency.

The agency believes digital triumph is rooted in two fundamental skills: extracting data insights for business optimization and employing empathy to create relevant solutions. This approach of Human-Centered Business Growth is the cornerstone of their strategy in every challenge, ensuring that their solutions are not just technically sound but also deeply resonant with end-users.

Section titled Innovations in AI with Storyblok Innovations in AI with Storyblok

Adopting Storyblok has shifted the agency's focus towards creating more impactful client experiences. It has enabled their teams to dedicate more time to feature development that enhances customer experience, moving away from the complexities typical of traditional CMS systems.

The introduction of Storyblok marked a significant shift in how Virtual Identity approaches project challenges. It has enabled them to craft solutions that satisfy both technical requirements and business needs, merging a robust headless architecture with an intuitive editing experience.

As a certified partner, Virtual Identity has taken a step further by developing the Storyblok AI Suite, integrating accessible AI solutions within Storyblok, showcasing their commitment to continuous innovation.

The trust and reliability in the partnership with Storyblok's team are highlighted as a key factor in solving clients' challenges effectively.

Quote from César Marques, Storyblok Expert Engineer

Our teams can focus on crafting features that really make a difference for our clients' customer experience, instead of spending time with “under the hood CMS complexity".

César Marques
César Marques
Storyblok Expert Engineer

Section titled Partner of the Month Partner of the Month

Virtual Identity stands as a testament to the power of integrating technology with a human touch. Their journey with Storyblok is a shining example of their commitment to innovation, client satisfaction, and digital excellence.

We are happy and proud to announce that they are the December Storyblok Partner of the Month!

You can get in touch with them by visiting their website or writing them an email. You can also find them on our partners list.