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valantic CX - Crafting unmatched customer experiences

Laura Gavrilă

valantic CX, the largest division within the valantic group, has over 1000 CX experts spread across 40 locations in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, and Portugal. The agency combines strategy, design, technology, and marketing to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Embracing their motto, "No CX bullshit," valantic CX aims for nothing less than customer experience leadership.

Section titled Delivering excellence one customer journey at a time

At valantic CX, the primary goal when taking on projects is to impress their customers' customers. They support their clients in perfecting the entire customer journey through sophisticated solutions, applications, and services, ensuring holistic design and skillful implementation. The ultimate aim is to deliver value and create memorable customer experiences.

valantic CX's unique approach to projects involves a 360-degree customer experience strategy. They offer services that span the conception of value-creating CX strategies, the agnostic selection of value-driving technology components, implementation, and continuous optimization. This comprehensive approach, combined with their in-depth, manufacturer-independent technology know-how, sets valantic CX apart from the competition.

Section titled Changing the game with Storyblok

Recently, valantic CX has observed a shift in client demands towards continuous optimization rather than complex, large-scale projects. Clients are now focusing on achieving higher composability within their system landscapes to support ongoing improvements. valantic CX addresses this shift by offering consulting services and lean technology approaches that enhance efficiency, reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), and increase customer loyalty.

Storyblok is an extremly versatile technology that enables our customers to start small and to grow fast, especially when it comes to internationalization initiatives.

valantic CX was introduced to Storyblok through a new colleague who had previously worked with the CMS. Recognizing the potential of Storyblok, valantic CX quickly adopted it, leveraging the in-depth knowledge of their new team members to get their first projects up and running smoothly. More than that, Storyblok's flexibility and ease of use allow valantic CX to create highly engaging and conversion-optimized customer journeys.

Storyblok delivers an intuitive UI and collaborative workflows combined with an attractive price point - a sweet spot for a lot of clients.

Section titled A comprehensive tech arsenal

As a technology-agnostic CX company, valantic CX offers a broad range of CX technologies, additional to Storyblok. Their tech stack includes commerce solutions like SAP, Spryker, Salesforce, Shopware, and Magento; PIM solutions like Contentserv, Viamedici, and Akeneo; and CRM or marketing automation solutions like SAP, Emarsys, Salesforce, and Bloomreach. This diverse technology stack enables valantic CX to tailor solutions to the specific needs of their clients.

The ability to design content elements with exceptional flexibility has enabled us to create highly engaging and conversion-optimized customer journeys alongside our clients.

Section titled Case Study: WiBU Group

A prime example of valantic CX's expertise is their work with WiBU Group, a leading provider for the care and healthcare market. The project aimed to relaunch WiBU's eCommerce platform and corporate website, creating a central digital touchpoint for customers and integrating various business units within the group over two years. Key goals included increasing self-service and customer loyalty through an attractive digital offering and enhancing process efficiency through intelligent integration of online and offline sales.

Section titled Turning challenges into opportunities

valantic CX faced several challenges, including the need for parallel implementation of a PIM system and addressing legacy architecture issues. Despite these challenges, they successfully integrated WiBU's main website with an eCommerce layer using Storyblok. The project also involved setting up a responsive PIM solution and implementing best-of-breed technologies to create a multidimensional digital journey for WiBU's customers.

Section titled Driving efficiency and growth

The results of the project were impressive:

  • Development of a unified Content Commerce Platform combining B2B eCommerce, PIM, and CMS.
  • Enhanced user experience (UX) focusing on conversion and organizational support.
  • Efficient integration of PIM data into the eCommerce platform.
  • Seamless connection between the CMS (Storyblok) and eCommerce system.
  • Optimized internal processes through a centralized product information system (PIM).

Section titled Leading the way in digital transformation

valantic CX's recognition as Storyblok's July Partner of the Month underscores their commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences through innovative solutions. Their comprehensive approach, combined with the flexibility and power of Storyblok, enables them to meet the evolving demands of their clients and drive digital transformation in perfection.

You can get in touch with them by visiting their website or by email. You can also find them on our partners list.