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Touchtribe - Growing brands with composable architecture

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Touchtribe - Growing brands with composable arc...

Touchtribe is a digital commerce agency based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, specialized in creating distinctive shopping and content experiences for its clients by leveraging technology  and digital strategy, modern CMS and ecommerce solutions. Touchtribe has worked with clients across various industries, including wholesale, healthcare, publishing, and education.
Their mindset is to create future-proof and sustainable platforms. Starting with a concept during product design, which they validate and iterate, they then assess for technical feasibility and check the applicability of the existing tech stack. When all of this prep-work is done, the actual development phase starts. Choosing this way of working enables Touchtribe to generate value from the first delivery - no line of code goes to waste.

Under the same ideology of sustainability, the agency builds composable architectures combining best of breed “off the shelf” solutions for the generic needs, and creating high-end custom applications for their clients’ unique requirements. With this approach, they make sure their customers’ time and money is spent on placing them ahead of the competition.
Using composable architecture, when it comes to implementing solutions, also helps them stay agile, replacing no longer corresponding implementations and ensuring a future proof platform.

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The uniqueness of Touchtribe

All projects found in the Touchtribe portfolio bear their mark, their brand identity. The solutions implemented by the agency always reflect their expertise and values: user-centered, innovative, and sustainable solutions, which are consistent with their brand identity in terms of visual design, messaging, and tone.
However this doesn’t mean that they overshadow the customers’ brand voice. Touchtribe takes time to understand the brand values, mission, and goals of their clients, and, based on expertise and years of experience, they incorporate these elements into the designs and development.
The team at Touchtribe also places a strong emphasis on the needs and preferences of their customers’ target audience. This user-centric approach enables them to deliver innovative and personalized solutions that engage and delight its clients' customers.
Additionally, the agency is committed to incorporate environmentally-friendly practices in its operation.

Journey to Storyblok

In early 2021, the team at Touchtribe were looking for a headless Content Management System that they could deploy as a CMS alongside BigCommerce for a major international player. Storyblok stood out with its unique visual preview and also its excellent options for internationalization and localization. During the Proof of Concept for this project, the agency was surprised by its integration capabilities, which quickly made it to the preferred CMS for headless Commerce.

Quote from Gert van Vliet, Managing Director at Touchtribe

  • In combination with a commerce platform such as BigCommerce, Storyblok helps us establish a unique experience in multiple languages and for multiple countries. Where such commerce platforms are strong in everything around products and orders, they are relatively weak in managing rich content. Let alone the structured management of workflows, translations, roles and rights and versioning of content. Storyblok handles all that for us.

    Picture of Gert van Vliet
    Gert van Vliet
    Managing Director at Touchtribe

There is more than an increase of requests for API-first solutions. In Touchtribes experience they state that these types of solutions have become a commodity. A headless software is no longer a unique selling point in itself, customers expectations have grown, they want usability, integration capabilities and they have an increased focus on compliance.
As such, Storyblok, combined with the right tech stack, becomes the easy choice over other CMS options.

Quote from Gert van Vliet, Managing Director at Touchtribe

  • There are several reasons why we choose Storyblok over other CMS options. Some of the benefits of Storyblok include its use in composable architectures, which allows for greater flexibility and scalability, its ease of use, and its integration capabilities with other tools and platforms. Storyblok also has a user-friendly interface and offers a variety of features that are designed to streamline the content creation and management process.

    Picture of Gert van Vliet
    Gert van Vliet
    Managing Director at Touchtribe

Customers come with a variety of business challenges. In trying to build the right technical and composable solution, Touchtribe develops their web applications according to the standards of the MACH alliance, i.e. Microservices, API-first, Cloud Native and Headless. For frontend development, the agency usually uses ReactJS, Typescript, and NextJS combined with Styled Components. For backend development and integrations they use cloud native, AWS CDK technology and TypeScript. 

Certainly, composable architectures have drawbacks. Oftentimes, the implementations Touchtribe builds consist of multiple software solutions, such as Storyblok combined with other systems, and this can complicate the buying process. Nonetheless, Touchtribe takes responsibility for the solutions they deliver and guides their customers step by step through the whole process.

Quote from Gert van Vliet, Managing Director at Touchtribe

  • Sales demos with Storyblok have become a lot easier. Unlike many other headless CMSes, Storyblok is a system that looks immediately logical and user-friendly. The visual preview is decisive in this regard. Until recently, traditional CMS vendors still used the lack of such a preview as a major argument to frame headless as user-unfriendly. Thanks to Storyblok, this is an argument of the past.

    Picture of Gert van Vliet
    Gert van Vliet
    Managing Director at Touchtribe

Partner of the Month

Dedication to composable architectures, commitment to sustainable and future-proof solutions, and single-mindedness around user-centered implementations. With this approach, Touchtribe is highly successful at turning digital technology into a powerful driver for innovation and growth.

We are happy and proud to announce that they are the April  Storyblok Partner of the Month!
You can get in touch with them by visiting their website or contacting them. You can also find them on our partners list.

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