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The beauty of co-marketing

Ana Ilievska

Here at Storyblok, we love creating beauty. In addition to creating beautiful projects with our agency partners, we enjoy seeing beauty in the interactions with our partners. These interactions help us build amazing relationships, and what’s more beautiful than a relationship based on mutual understanding, shared values, and trust? Nothing!

In order to build such relationships, we respect the basics of partnerships where we have to give some in order to to get some. Therefore, to show our appreciation for our agency partners, we offer them many benefits, some of which include shared revenue, free license, free staff members, integrations and apps, a dedicated team, and much more. In addition, we let our certified partners enjoy a co-marketing budget of $5,000 per year in order to participate in co-marketing initiatives to highlight our collaboration. Our Partner Playbook will guide you through the process.

Quote from Jonathan Selander, Co-Founder & CTO @ Made People AB

Storyblok’s co-marketing options are a testament to their strong engagement with their partner network. For us, it enables greater reach and the personal involvement from both ends pushes our productions to the next level.

Jonathan Selander
Jonathan Selander
Co-Founder & CTO @ Made People AB

Section titled What are some of the co-marketing benefits Storyblok partners enjoy?

  • Partner Listing
    Getting listed on our Partner Listing highlights your company and its competencies and services to attract suitable customers to you.
  • Case Studies
    We love building case studies with our partners based on their success stories to showcase their achievements.
  • Event Marketing
    We’re always open to co-hosting events, talks, and co-sponsorships with our partners.
  • Guest articles
    Have you developed something really cool with Storyblok? Want to share some behind the scenes on an upcoming project? Share your expertise on our featured blog.
  • Shared PR activities & other content ideas
    We’re always open to shared PR activities, or if you have other co-marketing ideas, please get in touch with our dedicated partner email.

We encourage you to download our Partner Playbook in order to find out more about Storyblok’s Partner Fund, a $1.5 million budget to invest in building up our Partner relationships. The Playbook is also your guide to taking advantage of the $5,000 co-marketing budget and growing your agency with Storyblok.

Image of Storyblok's Partner Playbook

Section titled The benefit of co-marketing: A win-win situation for both parties

Clearly, co-marketing refers to when similar, but non-competing, companies share or collaborate on marketing initiatives in order to generate partner co-growth. However, what specifically are the benefits of co-marketing activities and how can you, as a Storyblok partner, grow with us?

  • Branching out into new markets
    Reaching your partner’s audience is the most valuable benefit of co-marketing. With Storyblok’s Partner Listing, where you can showcase your competencies and projects, you are expanding your target audience outreach. Moreover, as a certified Storyblok partner, you get to be showcased on our social media platforms and become part of our Partner of the Month initiative. If you choose to participate in co-sponsored events, guerilla marketing, media buying, paid social media advertising, etc, your outreach becomes even bigger!
  • Improving sales Being able to reach new audiences by using different channels with Storyblok has been beneficial for many of our partners. Partnership marketing can provide you with a boost in sales and with an influx of new clients, both immediately and in the long run. And who doesn’t want more sales?
  • Getting a new perspective We believe that partnership marketing can help both us and you, our partners, identify any gaps in our current marketing strategy by having the option of being exposed to each other’s views and actions. This could potentially help you reinvent your business and try out marketing strategies with very little risk.
  • Gaining a support system If you are unsure of some aspect of marketing your business or are looking for an idea but don’t know exactly where to start, we got you covered! As a Certified Partner, you have access to our team that can guide you towards the marketing initiative that makes the most sense for you. Get started by booking a call directly with your Partner Success Manager or email them directly.
  • Engaging in a cost-effective marketing approach Partnership programs often offer support for your marketing efforts. As a Certified Storyblok Partner, you will have access to our newly minted benefit the Partner Fund, a 1.5 million dollar budget to invest in building up our Partner relationships. Each Certified Partner can get access to a $5,000 budget that you can use on co-marketing initiatives to highlight our collaboration. From engaging with the community to co-hosted events, to rebranding - we’re here to support you along the way. Learn how to get certified and how to apply for the 5K co-marketing budget.

Quote from Andreas Sauer, Co-Founder @ take it_

As an agency, the co-marketing from Storyblok helps us a lot. We have an extra budget, which we can use for new ideas. For example, we were able to get professional help on board to build up our blog about headless, jamstack, and how we use Storyblok.

Andreas Sauer
Andreas Sauer
Co-Founder @ take it_

It’s important to point out that Storyblok’s Ecosystem of Technology Partners is another opportunity for co-marketing activities. Together with our agency partners and our technology partners, we can create co-marketing initiatives that have an enormous positive impact on everyone involved.

Section titled Key Takeaways

The beauty of co-marketing is beyond words, which is why I invite you to take action and get certified as a Storyblok partner so you can enjoy all the benefits of our co-marketing initiatives. Storyblok’s co-marketing initiatives are built to show appreciation for you, our partners, and demonstrate that together anything is possible. We want to help you branch out into new markets, improve your sales, gain an improved perspective of the market, enjoy a cost-effective marketing approach, and much more. Our team is here to support you. We all have stories to tell, let’s do it together.