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Storyblok Partner Certification

Tarek El Deeb

Our first Partner initiative of the year is to start our ‘Storyblok Partner Certification’, a process by which each of our partners can become officially recognized and certified not only as Storyblok Partners, but as creators and innovators. Your certification will grant you a higher consideration for sales leads.

By becoming a ‘Certified Storyblok Partner’ you’ll be receiving a customized branding pack to use on your channels and platforms. We’ll also be making an announcement on our channels to let our followers know that your agency has received it’s certification.

You’ll also receive a very special ‘Surprise Box’ at your offices - we’d love to share more details but we’d like you to be surprised when you receive it!

We will also be starting a co-marketing initiative, where we will offer our Certified Partners the opportunity to draft and create a detailed co-marketing plan to be presented to Storyblok, and obtain up to €/$5,000 per year to activate their plan. Once you’re certified, your dedicated Partner Success Manager will explain the process to you.

Storyblok Certified Partner Badge

Section titled The Certification Process The Certification Process

To kick off the certification process, you’ll be invited to join a call with one of our Partner Success Managers, who will unpack our Partner Program for you and run you through all the features and benefits you’ll receive as an agency through your Storyblok Partnership. They’ll also walk you through the certification process, in case you have any questions about the journey.

Section titled Technical Enablement Technical Enablement

The next stage of our certification process is the technical enablement session with one of our fantastic developers from our Dev team. They’ll take you and your technical team on a guided tour through Storyblok and our CMS features, to help you learn how to use our solution. During this 90-minute ‘developer to developer’ session, we show you the magic behind Storyblok and set you on the right path for success. If there are any questions or concerns after the session, you can always reach out to your dedicated Partner Success Manager. In addition, we have different ways to contact us and to get in touch with the Storyblok community:

  • Storyblok Discord: Used for real-time discussions which are often the best way to resolve a problem.
  • Live-Chat: Embedded on most of our sites, the life-chat widget is the most direct way to communicate with us. Here we will focus on questions that are directly related to the service itself.

Section titled Sales Enablement Sales Enablement

Once you’ve completed your technical enablement session, you’ll be invited to take part in a sales enablement session with your dedicated Partner Success Manager. The goal of this session is to educate and familiarize you with our pricing plans, licensing, revenue share, etc. You’ll also be given a walkthrough of our Partner Portal, where you can find our Learning Center & Documentation. You’ll also be introduced to our white-label sales enablement material which you can make use of to ease and assist your selling process. This session will also have a Q&A element to it so you can ask your Partner Success Manager anything about our co-selling process.

Section titled Activation Activation

When you’ve completed both your technical and sales enablement sessions, you’ll be invited to submit your Storyblok case studies and get listed on our exclusive Partner Listing. This will allow potential clients to get an overview of your agency and its capabilities as well as the work you’ve done with Storyblok. Moreover, it will provide them with a platform to reach you. At this stage, we’ll also be sending you your Storyblok Certification and a Branding Pack which you can use on your channels to show you are Storyblok ready. In tandem, we’ll be announcing your certification on our social and PR channels to highlight our new partnership.

Section titled Co-Growth Co-Growth

The journey doesn’t end when you get certified. We strongly believe in the concept of co-growth by maintaining an open line of communication with our partners through ‘Joure-Fixe’ calls. During these calls we’ll discuss the projects you’re working on, the latest from Storyblok, and how we can assist you with any client project or space. You’ll also start receiving passive leads directly from your partner listing (We do filter the emails before they get sent to you so you don’t get flooded with junk or spam!) You can also reach out to your dedicated Partner Success Manager should you need any help or guidance.

Section titled What do you get for being certified? What do you get for being certified?

When you complete your certification, there are a few goodies that we’ll be sending your way:

  • A Storyblok Certified Partner badge to use on your agency website.
  • A Branding pack with some graphics to use on your social channels.
  • Social media posts on our channels announcing your certification from our PR team.
  • A very special ‘Storyblok Surprise Box’ with some goodies (and that’s all we’ll say for now!)

Section titled How you benefit from certification How you benefit from certification

To ensure that our partnership will flourish and grow, there are several steps we will take:

  • We’ll create a blog post about your experience using Storyblok, and how you implement it, to create some passive lead generation.
  • You’ll be in consideration for our Storyblok Partner of the Month initiative, where we highlight the latest and greatest from a selected partner agency, as well as their case studies and unique implementations.
  • After you get certified you’ll have a higher consideration for sales leads, as the certification will be the guarantee for potential clients that you are well versed in using Storyblok as a solution.
  • You’ll be invited to growth strategy meetings to ideate and plan how we can plan for the future together.

Section titled What are you waiting for?! What are you waiting for?!

We are extremely excited to roll out out Storyblok Certification Program, so that we can grow hand-in-hand with our implementation and solution partners. We believe in the strength of open lines of communication and the co-growth plans we have in place for you. If you haven't already, reach out to your Partner Success Manager to get started or follow this link to apply to our Partner Program.