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Storyblok’s Content Management System delivered 582% ROI for customers that modernized their content operations

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Storyblok is the first headless CMS that works for developers & marketers alike.

Customers received a 582% return on investment over 3 years and <6 month payback period for managing and scaling content with Storyblok’s CMS. Research also finds significant business benefits:

  • $1.6M benefit gained due to single source management of content
  • 3x productivity boost through gained efficiencies due to deployment setup
  • Better customer experience through scalable content operations

Linz, Austria - March 15, 2023 - Storyblok, the content management system (CMS) category leader that empowers both developers and marketing teams to create better content experiences across all digital channels, unveiled the findings of a commissioned Total Economic Impact™ study conducted by Forrester Consulting part of Forrester Research, a leading global research and advisory firm. The study, conducted on behalf of Storyblok, revealed that for a composite organization representative of interviewed customers, Storyblok’s CMS provided a 582% ROI over a three-year period and paid for itself in less than six months.

“The amazing customer ratings and stories we have heard have always been a great indicator that businesses get a significant return on investment from managing their content with Storyblok. At a time when more businesses are scrutinizing traditional CMS platforms and exploring how a composable, headless CMS setup helps them with content operations and creating content at scale, we believe this Forrester study proves that Storyblok is a smart CMS investment,” said Dominik Angerer, Co-Founder and CEO of Storyblok.

Forrester Consulting compiled the TEI study based on interviews with four organizations using Storyblok. The characteristics and outcomes were combined in a composite organization that is industry-agnostic with at least 5,000 employees (250 developers, 250 content creators) and annual revenue of $800 million.

“Since we’ve been using Storyblok, there’s been a boost in productivity, three times faster than the previous system. Even more than that, it’s enabling us to tell better stories to our customers in a quality way,” said the Head of Digitization at a Telco who was interviewed as part of the study. As a result, the surveyed organizations reported customers are spending more time on their websites because they’re more engaged due to the regularity in which updates are made.

Before investing in Storyblok’s CMS, interviewee's organizations were using a mix of traditional CMSs and/or a custom built monolithic environment which required a lot of maintenance. The overall time to make updates to customer-facing content on any channel took far too long to keep up with the constant flood of content changes.

“Storyblok’s capabilities around a composable architecture, visual editing, collaboration, workflows, and omnichannel publishing make creating and managing content more enjoyable for all teams, plus audiences enjoy better digital experiences. To us, the fact that this modern approach to content management also enabled cost savings and business benefits shows that now is the time for businesses to future-proof their content operations. Using Storyblok paid back its investment,” added Angerer.


About Storyblok

Storyblok, the content management system (CMS) category leader, empowers both developers and marketing teams to create better content experiences across any digital channel.

Storyblok’s headless CMS architecture enables developers to build anything, publish everywhere, and integrate with any service or technology.

Marketing teams can create and scale content experiences independently using a visual editing interface, collaborative tools, and custom publishing workflows. Additionally, businesses can improve digital experiences everywhere with best-in-class performance, personalization, and optimized, omnichannel storytelling.

Leading brands such as Adidas, Tesla, Oatly, Deliveroo, and 120,000+ other developers and marketers use Storyblok to create better content experiences that are faster, more secure, and built to scale.

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