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G2 approved: Storyblok is the highest-rated Momentum Leader headless CMS

Christel Forey
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Storyblok is the first headless CMS that works for developers & marketers alike.

Spring is just around the corner, with the first signs of flowers and cherry blossoms blooming 🌸 - we’ve rung in the new year already with several things to celebrate. With the wrap-up of our previous Stories from the Blok #5 Partner Edition, we’re excited to bring in our upcoming Stories from the Blok #6 Women in Tech Edition, and our very first in-person event happening in the United States with Shoptalk Las Vegas!

If you haven’t already, make sure to watch the best, and funniest reviews we’ve received so far below. We’re incredibly proud of our users and community using Storyblok, and for all your feedback, whether it’s a point of praise, something to improve on, or something to compare us to that 100% brightens up our day.

We’re most excited about being the highest-rated Momentum Leader in the Headless CMS category, amongst reviews from our users and community🏆! We were able to also receive badges across the headless CMS, Web Ops Platforms, Web Content Management, Component Content Management Systems, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) categories, and for the first time, the Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) category!

We’re thrilled to have been chosen once again as ‘Momentum Leader’ again as mentioned, in the Headless CMS category, as well as in the Web Content Management, and Web Ops Platforms categories, and ‘Leader’ in Component Content Management Systems, Headless CMS, Enterprise Content Management (ECM), and Web Content Management. On top of that, we were also chosen as a ‘High Performer’ within Europe, further contributing to our presence in the EMEA region and pushing beyond worldwide for enterprises and small-medium organizations!

🎉 We wanted to thank you for recognizing us as:

  • Momentum Leader
  • Leader
  • Leader (Enterprise)
  • Leader (Mid-Market)
  • Leader (Small-Business)
  • Best Meets Requirements
  • Best Meets Requirements (Small-Business)
  • Easiest Admin
  • Easiest to Use
  • Users Likely to Recommend (Small Business)
  • Easiest Admin (Small Business)
  • Easiest to Use (Small Business)
  • Fastest Implementation (Small Business)
  • Easiest To Do Business With
  • Best Support
  • Best Support (Small Business)
  • Easiest To Do Business With (Small Business)
  • Highest User Adoption (Small Business)
  • High Performer (Europe)
  • High Performer (Small Business)
  • High Performer
  • High Performer (Mid-Market)

Since the last report, over the holiday season, we also wrote three new case studies covering the finance, eCommerce, and corporate worlds from Australia, the United States to Switzerland. As always, stay tuned for more case studies coming this year as we tell your stories on how brands across the world use Storyblok to manage their content. Check out the latest case studies on what makes Storyblok their CMS of choice:

If you’re curious to learn more about how Storyblok can help your business, make sure to give our product a free trial or contact one of our product specialists to help you get on board with Storyblok.