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All you need to know: VueJS Amsterdam 2020

Samuel Snopko
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I will be honest here and share my own opinion of Vue.js Amsterdam 2020. It was already the 3rd edition of the biggest Vue.js event in the world with over 2000 developers on the side and few connected online from other parts of the Earth. If you are here only for the overall feeling, read the TLDR;. For the rest of you: feel free to jump over the TLDR; and dig a little bit deeper.

VueJS Amsterdam 2020


The best part of the conference far away. It is like a family event, where you can meet almost everyone from the Vue.js community and all the people are so nice and open. The great Gusto even was able to organize a pre-event for all the community organizers, library/docs creators, and core team. We managed to discuss the future of Vue.js and hopefully, we will keep meeting in this format in future to make Vue.js even better!

VueJS Core Team


The program of the conference was filled until the last second. You could see 29 talks in 2 days, with a huge amount of knowledge on various topics. It all started with the talk by Evan You "State of the Vuenion 2020" – the highlight of the conference. Evan presented the status of the Vue 3.

I am not going to write about all the talks as you can check them on the vuejs.amsterdam schedule. I personally would love to highlight these 3 talks:

I have to admit that I didn't see all the talks (as I was talking with many people and preparing stickers backstages). So please don't take this as a rating, but more as talks I enjoyed the most. Sadly, I missed the talk by Callum Macrae about "Climate change and the tech community", so I hope the talks will be available online soon.


It is an outstanding theater in the windy harbor of Amsterdam, which offers the biggest screen I ever saw in my life. I have only one piece of advice for all first-comers: You don't need to sit in the first rows - the screen is really big! Anyway, with 2000+ people it is really crowded and sometimes it can be complicated for you to meet the devs you would like to speak to, but on the other hand you will also be able to get to know more people that way.

Vue.js - Venue

Food & Drink

I will start with drinks, which were very nice and you had plenty of options to choose from. The coffee was also nice, especially if I take the size of the conference into consideration – don't expect any barista!

It is a little bit more complicated with the food. You will definitely don't die on hunger - there is plenty of food. Maybe I am too picky, but I would appreciate healthier food in general. Especially if you are vegetarian you will not be so happy as you would have to look for the right stand that offers it. I heard the same opinion at least 2 more times, so I guess this is the biggest space for improvement.

Vibe & Atmosphere

The overall atmosphere was really nice. A lot of friendly people had a good time together and were able to discuss many topics. This year afterparty brought the whole community together and you could meet all the VueJS contributors in person. What more you could ask for?

Vue.js – vibe

Last Words

With all things considered – I still enjoyed it this year even more than in the last year and I am looking forward to Vue.js Amsterdam 2021. I think it is great event with a lot of nice people and I would like to thank all the organizers for creating an opportunity for us to meet and learn!


Are you using VueJS, NuxtJS or Gridsome on a daily basis? If you said YES, then you should be there. No excuses! Yes, there is space to make this conference better, but with almost the whole community there, this is a must-go event for each VueJS member.