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Is a Serverless CMS the Right Choice? 4 Main Benefits

Gillian Mays
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When it comes to managing your online presence, the sheer number of potential options can be intimidating. Traditional systems, headless CMSs, eCommerce-focused options – the list goes on and on. So if the term serverless CMS is new to you, you’re not alone! However, the advantages it can offer also make it worth knowing. Let’s talk about what a serverless CMS is, the benefits it can provide, and if it’s the right choice for your organization.

Section titled What is a serverless CMS?

Let’s take it from the top: what is a serverless CMS? Basically, it’s exactly what it sounds like: a content management system where you don’t have to manage the servers yourself. It relegates tasks such as scaling, uptime monitoring, and memory allocation to someone else. That means you get all the benefits of a well-kept server without having to worry about the maintenance.

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A serverless CMS can make running an effective system easier.

Section titled 4 benefits of a serverless CMS

Serverless CMSs offer a few advantages that their more hands-on counterparts cannot. Here are four benefits that you can expect from choosing this kind of system.

Section titled 1. Stay focused on what matters

Time is a precious resource. Spending it wisely matters – and if your best people are committing their hours to routine maintenance, you’re probably not making the best use of their talents.

A serverless CMS avoids this issue entirely by eliminating the necessary yet often tedious server chores. This helps everyone work directly towards your business goals instead of dealing with the day-to-day upkeep of servers.

You’ll be getting the most value out of their work, and they’ll likely appreciate not having to juggle the additional jobs.

Section titled 2. Keep your system as stable as possible

Stability is crucial for your visitors, especially during high-traffic events. Nobody wants to deal with slow load times or even site crashes. That means you need to be on top of scaling to support traffic. However, this can take a fair amount of time and be difficult to predict.

Serverless CMSs eliminate a lot of room for error here. You don’t have to dedicate an employee or even a full team to making sure your website will work as intended. Instead, you can rest assured that site stability is getting the prioritization it needs without weighing on your workers.

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Section titled 3. Maximize the efficiency of your resources

We’ve already talked about how serverless systems help employees to focus on the work that they’re most capable of doing. However, the efficiency benefits don’t stop there. When you maintain your own server, you’re committing your resources to doing so constantly. That means even if you’re not actively making requests, you’ll still be paying for it.

Serverless totally changes this. You’ll only be charged for individual resource requests as they occur. No more 24/7 monitoring or needless overpaying – you’ll pay for exactly what you need, no more and no less!


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Section titled 4. Unlock your customization potential

Serverless isn’t just about an easier management experience. It also frees your developers so that they can do even more with their skills. A serverless CMS helps them program typical backend functions using frontend strategies. For example, they’ll be able to connect to a database directly from the frontend code.

In short, this lets your frontend developers control beyond the frontend. The result is a team that is better equipped to create the highest-quality, most customized project possible with the least amount of roadblocks – more power to create means more possibilities and fewer limits on your digital transformation! They’ll be able to work with a system they’re already comfortable with, which can also eliminate the need for extra positions or time spent on re-learning new technical languages.

Section titled Is a serverless CMS right for you?

Despite all these benefits, is it possible that you might not need a serverless CMS? In a few rare cases, yes. The most prominent might be if you want to maintain direct, personal control of your system. Doing your own maintenance requires a lot of investment and work hours, but if tightly monitoring it is worth it to you, you might not want to use a serverless CMS.

However, a serverless CMS is a smart solution in nearly every other case. It saves you from dealing with tedious tasks, frees your developers to do better work in less time, helps you scale more efficiently, and unlocks a huge amount of customization options. If you want top-tier maintenance without the hassle, we definitely recommend choosing a serverless CMS.

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