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Announcing $47 million Series B to build the CMS for the 21st century

Life at Storyblok
Dominik Angerer
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Storyblok is the first headless CMS that works for developers & marketers alike.

Our mission is to allow you to organize your content once and deploy it everywhere.

We're excited to announce $47 million in Series B funding led by Mubadala Capital and HV Capital. We're excited to have 3VC and firstminute capital join again in this round, following their participation in Seed and Series A.

We'll use this funding to accelerate how we build the CMS for the 21st century and expand our team.

Section titled Building the CMS for the 21st century Building the CMS for the 21st century

During the last two years, we've seen growth at a completely different level than ever before; we've not only grown the team but expanded projects created by our customers to 120.000 across 130 countries with 74.000 developers and marketers working around the world to tell their stories on a global scale.

Later this year, we're going to launch our - currently in beta - new version of Storyblok’s CMS. Every user of Storyblok can already access the latest version within their existing spaces without migration. Within the next couple of months, we will have the new version feature-complete and make it available to everyone as a default – allowing them to experience how our team and customers think a CMS should look that is ready for the 21st century.

We're lucky to have amazing investors that allow us to drive the product and grow the community surrounding it in a way we believe is the best: "We've been big believers in Storyblok from day one, and the speed at which the company has managed to scale since our Series A investment has been remarkable. Storyblok's strong organic traction is a real testament to the quality of the product Dominik and Alex have built, and we are excited to continue our partnership with the Storyblok team," said Fatou Bintou Sagnang, Partner at Mubadala Capital Ventures.

Section titled Expanding our team Expanding our team

Within the last five years, we were able to see our customers grow from smaller agencies to Fortune 500 corporations to businesses from all over the world. Our team has grown from 2 people in 2019 to 171 talents across 38 countries working on solving one problem that brought us together: the CMS that will power the next generation of applications, websites and various other channels.

We won't stop now – since our last funding round in February 2021, we've been able to increase our team by 500%, and our goal for the end of this year is to at least double again. With 330 people, we will be able to serve our customers even better and allow our product to evolve faster and iterate quicker. We're excited that we can do that and show the world a CMS that will unlock the time their developers need to change content while allowing marketers to finally take over the content production.

"As a truly remote company with a global customer base, Storyblok is uniquely positioned to play a leading role in the global content management market. The company's remote-first philosophy, along with Dominik's and Alexander's vision, gives them tremendous advantages to scale their product globally at a rapid pace and quickly won our investment team over. We're delighted to be partnering with Storyblok and its innovative team to further support the company's growth ambitions," said Jannis Fett, Investment Manager at HV Capital.

We currently have about 40 open opportunities to join us on this journey, and I'm already excited to see who will jump into our application process to join this fantastic team.

To learn how Storyblok’s CMS can provide an immediate ROI for your business, contact us here. We’d love to show you why Storyblok is beloved by teams at Adidas, Renault, Marc O’Polo and how we can help you too.