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Refactored - Refocus on achieving your vision

Laura Gavrilă
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Storyblok is the first headless CMS that works for developers & marketers alike.

Refactored is a web design and development firm focused on website modernization with headless CMS solutions. Guided by the creativity and pragmatism of their founding partners, Rob Bean and Kile Lindgren, the team has a deep passion for helping clients achieve often ambitious goals.

More than that—after nearly 4 years of implementing Storyblok solutions and over a dozen completed client projects—Refactored is one our most experienced partners.

The agency combines a deep knowledge of headless and composable technologies with 2 decades of experience building exceptional modern websites to ensure you get the most out of Storyblok’s powerful capabilities.

Quote from Rob Bean, Partner | Senior Strategist

We aim to solve today’s challenges while providing strategies and solutions that build greater capability, improve marketing performance, lower cost and risk, and make a lasting positive impact on our client’s business.

Rob Bean
Rob Bean
Partner | Senior Strategist

Section titled What makes Refactored stand out What makes Refactored stand out

Refactored focuses on building partnerships with enterprise and mid-market B2B, B2C, and association organizations that are looking to composable infrastructure to solve complex communication and operational requirements.

Starting with a thorough understanding of business objectives and end-user needs, Refactored’s experts provide a deep level of service to help clients achieve their overarching vision while meeting both immediate and long-term requirements.

An integrated process approach enables Refactored to deliver effective, comprehensive solutions for multi-level initiatives, from the brand level (including visual identity, messaging, and customer research) to technical architecture design requiring integrations with the organization’s broader ecosystem.

The agency offers a wide range of solutions and support.

Section titled Storyblok-based solutions: Storyblok-based solutions:

Section titled End-to-end project services: End-to-end project services:

Most important, Refactored’s dedication to transparency and trust enables them to become an

integral extension of their clients’ teams. The result is powerful, enabling organizations to make positive change—and a tangible impact on how users experience and embrace the brand.

Section titled Refactored’s journey with Storyblok Refactored’s journey with Storyblok

A fundamental business belief for Refactored is that clients should enjoy using the tools they’ve invested in. That means that when the agency recommends a CMS, they must be confident the solution is really what the client needs.

Consequently, a deep-dive into the headless CMS market resulted in a short list of just three or four headless solutions. The agency tested them all on one project, conducting a deep evaluation of each solution’s capabilities. In the end, they concluded that Storyblok was a natural extension of their core beliefs and development approach.

Quote from Kile Lindgren, Partner | Solutions Architect at Refactored

The visual editor, instant preview, drag-and-drop block building methodology, and the ability to structure and organize content by taxonomy and folders has been essential to delivering solutions that meet technical requirements in a way that our editors also enjoy.

Kile Lindgren
Kile Lindgren
Partner | Solutions Architect at Refactored

Over the past several years, they have reshaped the agency to be nearly 100% focused on Storyblok development—backed up by user-centric content planning and integrated UX offerings. This commitment has enabled Refactored to consider how different types of clients might benefit from the best practices and features that Storyblok offers.

Quote from Rob Bean, Partner | Senior Strategist at Refactored

Storyblok has helped us manage the process of upgrading websites in a way that’s less disruptive than in the past. We’ve been able to bring headless components alongside clients’ traditional CMS platforms and migrate to the headless solution on the client’s timeframe, and without the shock and awe typically —associated with a replatforming project.

Rob Bean
Rob Bean
Partner | Senior Strategist at Refactored

At the beginning of this year, Refactored launched their first Storyblok-based solution offering, Website Accelerator, a customer-centric process that integrates content planning, UX, website design, and Storyblok.

The process-driven solution shares an underlying configuration with Storyblok, so the time to bring a website to market can be cut by as much as 75%—saving both money and resources.

The Website Accelerator solution also streamlines the adoption of headless CMS by baking in best practices. With nearly 30 pre-built and highly customizable components, the solution delivers traditional CMS features that typically don’t exist in headless solutions.

Quote from Rob Bean, Partner | Senior Strategist at Refactored

Storyblok provides us a solution that meets the stringent, enterprise-level client requirements for security and interoperability with their development and deployment practices.

Rob Bean
Rob Bean
Partner | Senior Strategist at Refactored

Section titled A tech stack for the future A tech stack for the future

The agency’s clients rely on them to provide the right technology solutions, the right process, and the right people to achieve successful outcomes across any scope of project.

To exceed those expectations, Refactored provides true end-to-end website design and builds, technical production on provided designs, and enterprise consulting for organizations new to headless and composable solutions.

Although most of their clients tend to build on React-based solutions, not all of them use the same solutions for site building.

Additionally, the team found that by leveraging a composable approach—and leveraging rendering techniques like Static Site Generation (SSG) and Incremental Static Regeneration (ISR)—they can dramatically increase the speed of the sites they build.

While projects and preferences might differ, a typical project stack includes a variety of best-of-breed technologies:

  • Coding frameworks: React, Next.JS, Astro
  • Hosting: Vercel, Netlify
  • Database: Fauna, PlanetScale, Supabase, Vercel DB
  • Search: Algolia
  • AI: Various tools for recommendations and personalization
  • eCommerce: Stripe
  • Chat: Drift
  • CRM: Salesforce, HubSpot, Protech, Microsoft Dynamics
  • Marketing Automation: Marketo, Pardot, HubSpot
  • Security: Sign Sign On (SSO) using SAML 2.0, OAuth 1.0, 1.0A, 2.0, or OpenID Connect

Quote from Kile Lindgren, Partner | Solutions Architect at Refactored

Storyblok has fundamentally changed how we approach website projects. The ability to easily create reusable content structures that allow editors to build and adjust page layouts to their needs is a game changer. Coupled with live preview, our clients can build and deliver content faster with fewer revision cycles than any other CMS that we have implemented.

Kile Lindgren
Kile Lindgren
Partner | Solutions Architect at Refactored

Section titled Partner of the Month Partner of the Month

Refactored develops and executes strategies based on deep industry understandings, audience insights, and recognition of the right channels and technologies. They have always gone the extra mile for their clients, and in Storyblok, they found the ideal partner to solve complex challenges and deliver enterprise solutions. We are happy to announce that they are the March Storyblok Partner of the Month!

You can get in touch with them by visiting their website or by email. You can also find them on our partners list.