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Take it_: True Storyblok experts in effective, fast, and multidimensional project creation

Agata Kędzia
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Do you know which partnerships are the best? Those that form naturally. Those collaborations are truly valuable, engaged, and mutually beneficial. It's even better when both sides can learn a lot from each other. Sounds too good to be true? With take it_, our partner agency from Berlin, it’s 100% possible, and we’re not speaking only on our behalf. Cooperation with them is loved by clients who had the pleasure to co-create amazing and effective projects together with the agency. In their extensive portfolio, within their Storyblok Partner Listing, we can find such impressive projects as MILES Mobility, NGRAVE, and many more. Additionally, the agency provides consulting services and has helped in this area such clients as Apeel or an Indian-based Airline.

Appreciating all the efforts the agency put into creating these exceptional platforms with the help of Storyblok, we are thrilled to announce that take it_ is our Partner of the Month for March!

Take it_ are a boutique web development and design agency that help businesses develop their brand and digital platforms unleash their full operational and marketing potential. Their goal is to ensure that their clients grow quickly and effectively, being equipped with the best technology and marketing tools that allow them to achieve outstanding results in terms of their digital performance. They always aim for a short development time and pay special attention to great core web vital results.

The agency specializes in web development, web apps implementation, eCommerce, and design/UX, taking advantage of best-of-class technology kit, leveraging the power of headless CMS solution. Why exactly are they in love with the headless approach?

Quote from Andreas Sauer, Co-Founder, take it_

Our clients are fast-growing companies and they need scalable and flexible websites that are easy to adjust to their needs. They also constantly need to expand with the new components and features. This is why we love to work with Headless CMSs.

Andreas Sauer
Andreas Sauer
Co-Founder, take it_

Section titled Take it seriously with Storyblok: A joint headless journey Take it seriously with Storyblok: A joint headless journey

How did we actually find each other? Starting from the beginning: Wessel van der Pal, a Co-Founder at take it_, worked as a freelancer for a German agency that used Storyblok as a CMS for one of their clients. Back then, Storyblok was quite new on the market, but for Wessel it was definitely love at first sight: He immediately saw the potential of Storyblok’s powerful capabilities, so when he and Andreas Sauer, take it_’s other co-founder, formed the agency, they knew that Storyblok was the CMS to work with.

We asked Wessel and Andreas what exactly made them choose Storyblok as their favorite solution for project implementation. Take it_ acknowledged that since they realized that most content teams use old-fashioned CMS systems like WordPress, which makes their work unnecessarily complicated, they decided to help them to switch to Storyblok. It made it possible for content teams to create and publish new content easily and flexibly.

Furthermore, they decided to specialize fully on the development of Storyblok websites for B2B SaaS companies, because in the agency’s opinion, their expertise can help them to switch from old legacy systems in a very short time without a headache.

Why else did they decide to specialize at creating projects with Storyblok?

  • The benefits for developers: A headless-oriented approach allows take it_ to implement future-proof technology solutions to assure the best website performance results and optimized data workflows. The agency loves to work with such technologies as Nuxt.js, Typescript, and Tailwind to maximize projects’ digital technology outcomes.
  • The eCommerce seamless integration capabilities and API-first approach: With Storyblok, the agency can connect a brand’s landing page with a desired eCommerce layer solution, creating powerful and consistent buying experiences. Additionally, the management API of Storyblok was helpful since this allows take it_ to migrate data programmatically.
  • The unique, multifunctional Visual Editor: To take it_ and their clients, is very intuitive and easy to use. Thanks to its real-time preview functionality, every content change is directly visible, making the project creation process a fun and pleasurable experience.
  • The component-based approach: Storyblok’s blocks and templates are nestable and reusable, which makes it possible to copy and edit existing components for future products and campaigns launches.
  • Easy project handover possibilities:

Quote from Wessel van der Pal, Co-Founder, take it_

The onboarding time for our customers has been drastically reduced. While other CMSs often required a lot of training for our clients to use the full potential of a system, this is no longer necessary with Storyblok. The interface is so intuitive and self-explanatory that our customers can use it immediately.

Wessel van der Pal
Wessel van der Pal
Co-Founder, take it_

Section titled Take it_ in action: Creating NGRAVE’s futuristic eShop & Academy Take it_ in action: Creating NGRAVE’s futuristic eShop & Academy

Ngrave is a digital assets’ security luxury brand that is specialized in an industry-leading secure hardware wallets for storing and managing cryptocurrency. The company’s services are targeted to customers in the European markets with portfolios and expertise in trading crypto. NGRAVE also aims to expand into global markets, such as the Middle East and Americas.

Ngrave turned to take it_ to rebuild and revamp their current website that was very basic and with no future-proof CMS implemented. Previously, they worked closely with Prismic, but it didn’t fit in all the project’s specific requirements. After Andreas showed NGRAVE a demo of Storyblok from the content creation perspective, the company was sure that it was CMS they wanted to build their project with.

The main projects challenges and requirements were:

  • A website that could live up to the highest security standards.
  • As NGRAVE had plans to expand in the future by launching their NGRAVE Academy, the company needed a future-proof and scalable digital solution.
  • It was vital to implement Shopify for an eCommerce layer, which would connect NGRAVE’s landing page to their online shop, which sells their modern crypto-wallets.
  • The company needed a CMS with an omnichannel approach to keep their audience up-to-date with the latest news and updates from the crypto industry, on different channels.

How NGRAVE and take it_ achieved their goals with Storyblok:

  • Storyblok being ISO27001 certified, is compliant with the highest security standards on the market. NGRAVE’s finance-related platform could be hosted by the possibly most protected and safe security solutions.
  • The API-first approach made it possible for NGRAVE to remain scalable while extending its features by implementing new technologies as well as to update content quickly and seamlessly thanks to Storyblok’s omnichannel approach.
  • Take it_ opted to use Shopify plugin for an eCommerce layer as well as used Shopify SDK on the frontend, which resulted with NGRAVE’s futuristic, modern, and consistent buying experience interface.
  • Finally, the tremendously important content creation side of the project could be perfectly handled by Storyblok’s Visual Editor. The website needed a luxury and modern vibe, which could be achieved by flexible editing possibilities, high quality image hosting (Storyblok’s DAM), and live content creation results thanks to Storyblok’s real-time preview feature.

NGRAVE’s team very quickly managed to get acquainted with Storyblok’s powerful capabilities and could use it right away, after a very short introduction session.

Section titled Partner of the Month and exciting months ahead Partner of the Month and exciting months ahead

Having a lot of joint experience and projects, we and take it_, both want more!

In addition to our joint exciting collaboration, Wessel van der Pal is also a part of our Storyblok Ambassador community, contributing to the Headless CMS space with his activities and initiatives. Check out Wessel’s article about Why you should migrate your wordpress website to Headless CMS Website!

Additionally, we encourage you to watch the great webinar where Wessel talked about Field Type plugins creation and how to customize them with Storyblok.

Take it_ is also open and willing to talk to their clients and all interested parties in real life, and guess what: It will soon be possible, during the Berlin Storyblok CMS Meetup that will take place in April. During the event, the agency wants to bring together developers, marketers, and content editors who are interested in or already working with the Storyblok CMS.

We also invite you to check out take it_ Storyblok Partner Listing or contact the agency directly.

Also, if it that wasn’t enough, feel free to check out take it_’s great articles, which we are amazed with:

Take it_, we’re delighted to have you as our Partner of the Month for March!