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O’Reilly publishes “Decoupled Applications and Composable Web Architectures”

Sebastian Gierlinger
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Storyblok is the first headless CMS that works for developers & marketers alike.

Storyblok was founded to leverage the power of composable web architectures by providing powerful APIs in combination with a visual editor. The basis for many decoupled applications or projects with a composable architecture is a headless CMS that lives up to the expectations of developers, editors, and marketers alike.

When using composable web architectures, many projects struggle with direction on where to start and how to set up such projects. O’Reilly has tackled this problem together with Storyblok and published a report about “Decoupled Applications and Composable Web Architectures - Building for Resilience, Flexibility, and Immediacy”.

By promoting the same ideas as the age old mantra “divide and conquer”, a composable web architecture helps to overcome complex problems that are uncovered when building a feature-rich and performant web application. There is also greater flexibility in terms of technologies that can be used which reduces the risk of vendor lock-in. When the application is not tied to a single vendor, it is open to the developers to choose the best system available for tasks like hosting, product catalogue or even payment processing.

This publication is a guide of what to watch out for when you are planning a composable architecture. Stefan Baumgartner - developer, architect and author - will shed some light on the following topics and questions:

  • What are the basics of a composable web architecture?
  • What aspects need to be considered, and what are the requirements of the stakeholders?
  • How to decouple a monolithic application?
  • What technology choices can be made and how to avoid vendor lock-in?
  • How to leverage serverless for backend implementations?
  • How will the project benefit from frontend composability?
  • What are the biggest benefits for my business when using a composable architecture?

Starting today, we are happy to offer “Decoupled Applications and Composable Web Architectures” for free as a digital download.

If you are interested in how Storyblok can be used to create a composable web application or how it will help you to migrate your existing stack please get in touch with us or the Storyblok Community. We are excited to hear your feedback.