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Explaining Storyblok with our Partner Success Manager’s lunch break

Francesca Montisci
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Storyblok is the first headless CMS that works for developers & marketers alike.

How do you explain Storyblok in a nutshell? Or better yet, over a lunch break with hungry people? My name is Francesca, Storyblok’s latest Partner Success Manager. Working from Italy, I’m able to choose whether I want to work at my home, or alternatively in a coworking space. We are having lunch in the cafeteria of my coworking workspace, where my lunch mates are all intrigued by my recent switch of jobs. In my second week at Storyblok, and between one forkful and the next, the questions start: it will not take that long before Storyblok becomes the main topic of our lunch break.

Miriam, a Content Manager for an e-learning platform, breaks the ice, asking me what Storyblok actually is.

I am very well prepared: I come from a week of in-depth readings about headless CMS. I give her an excellent explanation, telling her how Storyblok and the new generation CMS’ satisfy the omnichannel content market, eliminating the distribution problems. Thanks to the separation between the back-end, where the content is stored and protected, and the channels on which it is distributed via API, she would be able to save enormous amounts of time in her daily tasks. For example, when she has to update the video lessons, posting them on the website, the app, and social media, Storyblok would allow her to do it from a single interface and without the intervention of any developer who has to double-check her work.

I season the explanation with my very personal 4 S" recipe, elaborated a few hours earlier, during my readings:

“Plus! Storyblok would guarantee you:

  1. Incredible Speed of the website and content access, as this gets recalled via API from a single back-end;
  2. Data Security, stored in a single location on which any necessary level of control can be set;
  3. High-Performance SEO, thanks to content that can be easily updated and awarded by the Google algorithm for their loading speed;
  4. Pleasant Storytelling, since the content writers can work independently, without the intervention of third parties, and they can display their work in real-time.

Miriam has stopped munching on her celery and now nods very attentively: she seems to be already thinking about how I could be helpful to her.

Giovanni, Sales manager of a video company for the web, takes over, and he challenges me with his “Wolf of the Cafeteria” look: “Come on, sell it to me. Why should I go for Storyblok?"

I remind the list of our UVPs that I drew up yesterday in my diary:

"Storyblok is the only headless CMS with a very high-quality visual editor, which allows you to edit your content and see its rendering in real-time. Content managers are finally free to work independently. At the same time, developers can use the visual editor with any type of platform and technology that they are most familiar with. This means they do not have to change platforms or invest time to learn a completely new product.”

“Nice, but also with WordPress, you can choose from a wide range of themes and visual editors,” - Giovanni replies to me while mopping up his plate with bread.

“Of course, but you know better than me that WordPress binds you to a prefabricated system, which is often difficult to customize and often forces you to use plugins created by third parties to connect with external systems. Storyblok, instead, gives absolute freedom and flexibility to designers and developers to create each component with an endless possibility for customization. You can also save the elements that you usually use most often and be able to reuse them over and over again, across all your projects." - I say while I dive my fork into my carbonara.

I continue between each mouthful - "Just today, they gave me the price list to study, and the costs of the platform are divided by users and projects. This means that your investment only increases as your business grows. You pay only for what you need according to an extremely predictable formula."

Giuseppe, CEO of a web agency, listened. "And do you also work with agencies?" - he asks me.

Between a spoonful of chocolate pudding and another, I explained that my role and the Partners Program were created precisely to support the web agencies. We offer a completely free and unlimited work area where programmers and content managers can work without limits, a Learning Centre at their disposal, and a dedicated team of Partner Managers who may support them in developing, training, and co-selling to the customers.

And obviously, a 10% Revenue Share on each license sold.

Giovanni smiles pleased, Miriam admires on, and Giuseppe opens the notes on his smartphone: "What is the website?"

Curious to learn more?

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