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The Jamstack Survey 2022 results - Storyblok rated with high satisfaction from 6544 developers

Rolf Mistelbacher
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What is the Jamstack Report?

The Jamstack Report published by Netfliy established itself as the go-to report to explore the latest trends in web development.

The report ran for the 3rd year and, with nearly 7000 respondents, gives a broad overview across the demographic of the Jamstack community, the type of projects built, and the tools used to do it. For the first time, Storyblok was tracked in the survey.

With 77% of respondents being either full-stack or frontend developers, this report is a trend barometer for the engineering community.

The largest set of questions is about technical choices; therefore, technical decision-makers should consider applying the report's findings to their upcoming projects.

job titles of Jamstack report 2022 respondents

Job titles of respondents

Jamstack? A quick explanation

Quote from jamstack.org, - definition in glossary

Jamstack is an architectural approach that decouples the web experience layer from data and business logic, improving flexibility, scalability, performance, and maintainability. Jamstack removes the need for business logic to dictate the web experience.

- definition in glossary

To build a "decoupled" experience, headless CMSs are the go-to solution for Jamstack projects. A headless CMS like Storyblok separates the backend from the frontend - hence, not dictating how the frontend should look or which frontend framework developers have to use.

In short, Jamstack has completely changed the way we think about building for the web, by focusing on a simpler developer experience and better scalability.

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Storyblok and the Jamstack 2022 report

Let us zoom in on a specific section of the report: How are sites built, and more specifically, which CMSs get used? 

In the report, respondents could choose from 19 CMSs and rate their satisfaction with each tool.

Of those 19 CMSs, only a fraction are true headless CMSs. Tools like Notion, Webflow, and Squarespace have also been possible answers. 

If you look at the top headless CMSs in the survey, Storyblok ranks number 2 from a satisfaction score, on par with Strapi (satisfaction score 0=lowest, 3=highest).

The list of CMSs survey respondents could choose from

WordPress is still the overall leader in terms of market share, but satisfaction among developers has been decreasing since its tracked by the Jamstrack report. And WordPress, used in a "headless" mode, has more enthusiastic users but is growing only slowly.

In a nutshell, there has yet to be an obvious successor for WordPress, but a transition is happening.

While Storyblok was tracked for the first time in the Jamstack report, it already got a whopping 9% market share.

Quote from Laurie Voss, Data Evangelist at Netlify

Of the new-entry CMS systems, Storyblok is notable for its high satisfaction score (2 points), especially compared to monolithic WordPress, with only 0,5 points. Given that this is the first year we've measured it, and it already accounts for 9% of the total, we expect it to grow even more next year.

Laurie Voss
Laurie Voss
Data Evangelist at Netlify

Other notable findings:

About Remote Work

A majority of developers are now working remotely full-time (4 out of 5 developers), and more than half would rather leave their jobs than let go of their newfound flexibility. And having the option to work remotely is more important for developers than a higher salary.

On Web3

The majority of respondents never worked on projects in 2022 using any of the Web3 technologies like Blockchain, NFTs, or Etherum. The report suggests that interest in these technologies will decrease in 2023.

On Framework Usage

React sustained its dominant standing, reaching an extraordinary 71% market share, with Next.js taking advantage of that trend to become the framework of choice for one in every two developers.

Bottom line

The Jamstack community survey established itself as a valuable resource for technical decision-makers to sense what's coming next in web development. Thanks to Netlify for investing the time and resources to provide such a large data set for free for the community.

We highly recommend checking out the survey results in depth to anyone involved in planning, developing, or shipping any type of web project.

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