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It’s time to license your customer’s space

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We strive to make the process of discovering and using Storyblok's CMS straightforward and simple for our partners and their clients. Therefore, the next step of this journey will be to educate you on the licensing guidelines, how to get a customer licensed, why your customer holds the license, and how Storyblok can support your customer.

As a Storyblok partner, you can create an unlimited number of developer spaces for all of your customer projects in one place, making it easy for you and your team to work together across all spaces. This will also save you plenty of time on developer onboarding and maintenance. Each space is automatically enrolled in our Teams Plan, and your Partner Portal team members will have unrestricted access to those spaces. The limitations that come with the Teams Plan (limited to 10 'publishes' per day, higher limit on content delivery API Draft Requests, and only one collaborator for billing setup) will be lifted once a space is subscribed for. For more information regarding the benefits and limitations, please visit the dedicated FAQ page.

Getting your customer started with a license

When you and your team are near the end of a project, you will need to provide access to your customer so that they can activate the required licenses for their space, add content, and go live. At this stage, your customer can be added as a space collaborator with the single role of editor. In addition, you can grant your customer access to choose a plan subscription in order to lift the Teams Plan limitations mentioned above. This can be done following these steps:

  1. Navigate to your space settings

  2. Press the “Users” tab

  3. Select the collaborator you want to give access to the subscription area

  4. Click on the cog icon

  5. Check the checkbox for “Allow managing subscriptions”

  6. Hit save (in the User area, not on the top right)

image of managing subscription steps

Why your customer owns the Storyblok license

Once your customer requires access to start adding content, or when the project goes live, your customer needs to register the required number of licenses with Storyblok directly. At Storyblok, the licensing relationship is held between the customer and Storyblok. The reason for this is that legally, Storyblok provides the service to the CMS user. All features and benefits that come with a license, such as Uptime SLA or Signe Sign-on, are between Storyblok and the customer.

To point out a few rules, it is currently not permitted for partners to resell Storyblok licenses. The license agreement must be obtained by the Storyblok customer and the agreement for the use of the software is held between the customer and Storyblok.

While it is not permitted to resell Storyblok licenses, we’re always ready to support our partners in co-selling our CMS to potential customers and getting the most out of Storyblok.

Storyblok supports your customers

The same dedication and care we provide our partners are also applied to their customers. We know that challenges will come up when working on a project, or a customer will need a bit of assistance post-handover. For that reason, Storyblok provides support. In addition, Storyblok’s technical documentation and discord developer community will be available to support you with all of the implementation-based questions.

It’s important to note that we will always be on hand to point Storyblok Partners in the right direction in order to enable best practice support for your customers. Please feel free to reach out to us via email if you have any questions on how to best support your customers.

Lastly, our Enterprise and Enterprise Plus plans can be upgraded with an extended support package, which is designed to help your organization with quick response times, ensure consistent quality, and guarantee to be super fast in your POC/MVP. With the extended support package, you will have 24/7 incident management with a 2-hour response time for critical incidents, security audits to ensure your safety, developer support, as well as many other specialized features to give you the most peace of mind.

Key takeaways

Licensing is the handover process where the client takes over the development space and chooses one of Storyblok’s payment plans to commit to. When you and your team are near the end of a project, you will need to provide access to your customer so that they can activate the required licenses for their space. Self-service projects can be licensed directly from within the portal, while for enterprise projects, the partner team will work with you to prepare and present the enterprise pricing to your customer using our co-selling approach. Please feel free to reach out to us via email if you have any questions on licensing or our subscription plans.

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