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Storyblok introduces the Ideation Room: A collaborative space powered by AI

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Storyblok is the first headless CMS that works for developers & marketers alike.

According to the State of CMS 2024 report, 79% of respondents reported using AI-powered content tools, while 74% reported having regulations specific to AI tools. At the same time, collaboration features, centralized content management/omnichannel capabilities, and future-proof technology were the top three most essential features.

You said — we did. 

Meet the Ideation Room — the space where users will have access to a collaborative environment, work together on ideas, and share them with each other. These ideas can then be transferred directly to the Visual Editor without the need to copy the same information over and over again. 

Section titled What is the Ideation Room?

The ideation Room is a canvas for your creative processes where you can draft, edit, and organize your ideas, notes, or anything else you want. Powered by AI, Ideation Rooms acts as your co-pilot, helping you work on the material or even create it from scratch, following your commands.  

Starting with a blank space, you can fill it with any content you like and work together with your colleagues and stakeholders, including content editors, marketers, C-level executives, managers, and reviewers, all within Storyblok. This means no more toggling between multiple applications. Now, you can draft with your whole team using commenting features, interlinking, and AI tools – all from a centralized location.

Section titled What can you do in the Ideation Room?

Section titled Manage your Ideas

On the "List of Ideas" page, you will see all the ideas created. Here, you can add ideas to "favorite" and order them by name, status, etc. You can also access the Drafts tab and check all the ideas that are in this status.

In Settings, you can edit the name of the idea and its description, change the status, link to Stories, and add tags. 

Section titled Draft ideas with the help of AI

Ideation Room has a built-in AI with multiple pre-made commands, helping you create and edit content faster and with less effort. You can either create content from scratch using prompts or adjust it to your needs. For example, AI can shorten, extend, summarize, rephrase, simplify your text, and much more. 

Section titled Collaborate with your team

While you can keep your ideas private, the main trait is collaboration. When you share your ideas, other users can complement, add information, and edit content simultaneously. Another useful feature is the possibility of adding external links to support your ideas or act as a guide for ideas.

Section titled How to bring your Ideas to life with Visual Editor

When you are done drafting and ready to move your content to the actual page, you can do it directly from the Visual Editor. This link between Ideation Room and Visual Editor lets you easily switch views to toggle between your ideas and your final content.

To learn all the possibilities of the Ideation Room and tips on how to use its full potential, check out this dedicated editor guide.

Section titled Which plans have access to the Ideation Room

Ideation Room is currently available for all plans as a public beta.