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Storyblok Named The Leading Content Management Product and EMEA Software Company by G2

Christel Forey
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Storyblok is the first headless CMS that works for developers & marketers alike.

As the world’s largest and most trusted software marketplace, G2 is visited by 90 million software buyers each year. Its annual Best Software Awards rank the world’s best software companies and products based on authentic, timely reviews from real users.

We are proud to announce that Storyblok has received a number of accolades in G2’s 2024 Best Software Awards, placing #2 on the Top 50 Content Management Products list and #20 on the Top 50 EMEA Software Companies list.

This is Storyblok’s third time receiving a G2 Best Software Award recognition, earning its place this year thanks to its mission to deliver the best Content Management System that validates and prioritizes content management innovations and enables teams to deliver their content quickly and reliably.

In today's world, software customers rely more and more on the crowd's wisdom to guide their own decision-making.

Storyblok awarded at G2 Best Software Award 2024

G2's 2024 Best Software Awards feature over 30 ranking lists of software vendors and products using G2's proprietary algorithm based on verified user reviews and publicly available market data.

In order to be acknowledged as a winner of the Best Software Award, a software company or product should receive a minimum of 50 approved and published reviews throughout the year 2023. The winners will be ranked based on a combination of factors, including but not limited to customer satisfaction, popularity, statistical significance, the quality of reviews received, and overall market presence.

Here are some recent reviews from Storyblok customers that contributed to this year’s G2 leadership rankings.

  • “I appreciate Storyblok's strong capabilities in handling large-scale, multilingual projects, which is a significant advantage for content-heavy websites. We use it in all of our projects. Its features, such as the preview and drag-and-drop functionality, are impressive, providing a powerful toolkit for content editors. Storyblok is also commendable for its scalability, efficiently managing thousands of pages. Additionally, customer support is noteworthy for being fast and friendly, enhancing the overall user experience with the platform.” - Brenden N., Enterprise (>1000 employees)
  • “What I like best about Storyblok is its intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to manage content efficiently. The platform's modular approach to content management allows users to create and manage individual blocks of content, which can be reused across multiple pages and platforms, saving a lot of time and effort. The live preview feature is impressive, making it easy to visualize changes in real-time.” - Maelis D., Mid-Market (51 - 1000 employees)
  • “Super easy setup, with a lot of different available resources in all different programming languages. For beginners, there are also easy-to-use sample pages with demo content. It provides a lot of flexibility and freedom on how to manage and set up the product, allowing it to be used for all sorts of different use cases. For the products I used it in I was able to configure everything the way I needed it. After that, the maintenance and input of data was super fast. Storyblok has one of the best support I have ever experienced. Fast direct answers via Twitter and E-mail. Useful replies with helpful links to help with questions. Super fast reliable API with great caching mechanisms. Including a super handy image transformation API to serve images in the size they are required.” - Mike P., Small-Business (50 or fewer employees)

Learn more about what real users have to say about Storyblok on G2.