Efiware: Shall we talk digitalization?

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    Who would have predicted that the last two years alone could produce more digital transformation than the last two decades? This process is redefining how businesses operate and is helping them realize cost savings and increased profitability. From enhanced data collection to stronger resource management, increased agility, and improved customer experience, businesses are enjoying the amazing benefits of digitalization. The question is: Are you?

    Efiware is a digital consulting agency founded in Aarhus, Denmark in 2014. The team at Efiware loves digitalization. They specialize in hardcore programming: designing and building efficient business systems and digitalization. The team, which consists of developers and project managers, leverages their many years of experience in digitalization and deep insight into e-commerce to consult medium and large companies on the best digital solutions for them.

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    In the fast-growing digital solutions market, a lot of individuals and businesses want to “get in on the fun”. However, a lot of these individuals and businesses bite over more than they can chew or simply make a living out of being ruthless and poor consultants. This makes it very difficult for customers to find the right provider and good consultants for their digitalization. In such a world, Efiware strives to provide advice and solutions that are truly valuable and can make a difference. They are honest with their customers and value their time and resources. Therefore, they are not afraid to say no to projects they don’t believe in or know they’re not the right match. With such core values and the quality of their work, they stay true to their customers who love being Efiware ambassadors and spread the word about their fantastic experience with the agency’s top-of-the-class digital solutions.

    The construction consultants of digitalization

    When taking on a new project, the Efiware team’s goal is to make an actual difference for the people and companies they work with by delivering sound solutions that transform or even transcend their operations. Making their clients’ day-to-day tasks run smoother and with fewer errors is the core of their approach. With a friendly and informal outlook, Efiware’s team makes sure they communicate clearly with their clients and explain the technical solutions in a way that anyone can understand.

    This is why we compare the team at Efiware to construction consultants as they take on a similar role in their projects. They consult and help clients and oversee the projects in a similar way as a construction consultant would do, for example, when building a new family home. In such projects, there are many processes, stakeholders, and different types of construction workers to keep track of. The construction of a whole digital business setup is very similar. For the business that needs a new digital setup or the family that needs a new house, the process can be confusing and, at times, overwhelming. Efiware’s team takes the role of the construction consultant and keeps track of all the technical elements, the process, and the different stakeholders of the project.

    To make things run smoothly with any new client, they create a roadmap from a helicopter perspective at the beginning of each process. This gives their clients a nice and transparent overview of the process. To do this, they often “set up camp” on the client’s location in order to get in-depth knowledge about their work processes and internal stakeholders.

    The path that led to Storyblok

    In today’s market, clients request higher independence. They want to be able to maintain the online part of their businesses themselves to a greater extent, without having to rely on a developer. They want to own their own data and properties. This is why Efiware enjoys the collaboration with systems like Storyblok. It’s a great solution for their clients as it is easy and fast to get started as well as cheaper and more sustainable in the long run. Their clients get the chance to own their digital property, giving both parties independence.

    Quote from Karsten Klinker Madsen, Project Manager

    • We have a lot less need for customer support with our Storyblok solutions compared to other setups, as the customers can do a lot of stuff by themselves. With Storyblok, our customers’ web managers can create new landing pages on their own, using the blocks and components we have set up for them.

      Picture of Karsten Klinker Madsen
      Karsten Klinker Madsen
      Project Manager

    The team at Efiware enjoys using Storyblok as a CMS as it has made a massive difference by being a flexible, optimal, and intuitive answer to previous content management challenges. Nowadays, content management is no longer an issue.

    Quote from Casper Rasmussen, CTO

    • I first heard about Storyblok from a new customer who demanded we use it for their project. The customer had already investigated every headless CMS and found Storyblok especially useful compared to its competitors. After researching Storyblok on my own, I quickly realised what a powerful tool I had in my hands. Soon after, I recommended Storyblok to other clients.

      Picture of Casper Rasmussen
      Casper Rasmussen

    In addition to Storyblok, Efiware’s project stacks include React, Angular, Magento 2, Drupal, Laravel, GraphQL, Ionic, Bootstrap, NextJS, JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS, HTML, PHP, WordPress, and others.

    Case Study: Supervin.dk

    Supervin is one of Denmark’s fastest-growing online businesses, offering an exquisite selection of high-quality wines at fair prices. They have been a loyal client of Efiware for many years, which means they have been with them on their journey to conquer and rule the online market for wine and spirits for a long time. Because of their trusted relationship, Efiware has an in-depth knowledge of their entire digital setup and therefore has been able to advise them on just about anything in that regard.

    Because they had been using quite a few different systems, Supervin was very skeptical about implementing a new CMS into their stack at first. However, Efiware was able to slowly integrate Storyblok into it as a small project. As expected, they quickly fell in love with Storyblok, and how simple it was for them to use. Now, Storyblok is deeply integrated into their stack, and they are very satisfied with the solution.

    Storyblok editing capabilities

    Efiware was able to easily integrate Storyblok with Supervin’s tech stack which includes Angular, Drupal, Algolia, Storyblok, Cloudflare among others. It’s integrated to control landing pages, the front page, and to also give a much more intuitive way to manage content on the webshop.

    Quote from Casper Rasmussen, CTO

    • I find that Storyblok is the perfect combination of simple and powerful. It plugs right into an existing headless setup. This allows us to get going within a few days. Once configured, the customer can, with almost no training, navigate within the intuitive editor and begin producing content.

      Picture of Casper Rasmussen
      Casper Rasmussen

    Partner of the Month

    Efiware is a digital consulting agency whose approach is shaped by many years of experience with digitization and deep insight into online business. They are their clients’ strategic business partner as they typically have long-term relationships with them.

    Efiware has also found Storyblok to be an ideal strategic partner for them as it has helped their clients solve complex content management issues by being flexible, optimal and intuitive. Therefore, we are thrilled to announce that they are the April Storyblok Partner of the Month.

    You can get in touch with them by visiting their website or writing them an email. You can also find them on our partner listing.