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Ecosystem of trust

Agata Kędzia

If you were to buy a new, expensive product, you’d for sure perform some solid research before doing so. A part of that research would be probably seeking the opinion of other users who already had a chance to try it out. Which, or, what kind of opinion would you take into consideration to a bigger extent? A stranger’s list of strict, mathematically calculated data? Or the opinion of a good, longtime friend? Of course, taking solid data into consideration is a logical and proper thing to do. On the other hand, don’t you have moments when you just feel like somebody tells you something with pure intentions, wanting you to profit from an idea or initiative? I think it’s really interesting to look at this concern from a business perspective. With this in mind, I’d like to tell you about Storyblok’s point of view in terms of Ecosystems based on trust.

Section titled Trust part of Ecosystems Trust part of Ecosystems

As you might know, in June we launched our own Technology Ecosystem - a place where we help our partners and customers create future-proof digital platforms consisting of best-of-breed solutions. There were a lot of reasons to start out with this project, but at the heart of our motivation: We believe that the breadth and quality of your relationships with your tech partners have a tremendous influence on your agency’s overall success. We know how important it is from our own experience: at Storyblok, we also pay close attention to our technology partnerships so that your agency’s solution suite is proven, effective, and trusted. Why do we emphasize these values so much? Let’s have a look at how agencies’ attitudes to business and technology partnerships changed over time to understand it better.

Section titled The transformation The transformation

The first real technology boost in terms of business took place around the year 2000. As a result of tech development, sales processes could be fully digitized, measured, and tracked as it started to be accessible and editable, not only for advanced tech organizations. Tracking business processes’ outcomes enabled gathering data, which in turn made it possible to calculate and analyze business strategies. As technology was still developing rapidly, it could eventually be used for process automation, which assists us until today. The digital world is literally at our fingertips and the same happened to companies - the majority of them went digital. What is more, “the cloud” revolutionized and democratized data access to a global scale, moreover, they changed the way we perceive data. Finally, not only could it be seamlessly accessible, but also editable, for a wide range of users. All these processes were driven by digits, figures, and algorithms, which in the business context, lead to processes acceleration. It is also called ‘the automation era’ to highlight the importance of data fluctuation in business processes.

As we’ve been relying on data already for a very long time, we trust it and perceive it as a perfect indicator of facts. So do businesses - trusting data and the ability to analyze them became an inherent part of many processes. But, the problem with it is: If data is everywhere and everybody can be a data contributor in today’s digital environments, how can we know which information is relevant? How do you measure data reliability? Is it possible for everything to be computed? In terms of partnerships, even those connected to technologies - we definitely need to say: no. In situations where data loses peoples’ trust, we at Storyblok believe that well established business relationships can serve as a kind of filter for data relevance and its reliability.

Section titled New generation of technology partnerships New generation of technology partnerships

New technologies empowered the new generation of businesses, who, in the ocean of overwhelming data and information, seek for true values and human connection. At Storyblok, we are advocates of technology and information power, but in terms of partnerships, we know that not everything can be computed by digits. As the era of choosing partnerships based solely on information and data seems to be over, we are more than happy to form and maintain true and valuable relationships. When speaking to our technology partners, our goal is to understand the human behind the process and to build long-term relationships. This is why we perceive our Technology Ecosystem initiative as a huge success. As a part of this launch, we released the Ecosystem Expended blog posts series, where we introduce our technology partners and their processes from the very inside: We concentrate on different challenges, transformations, and integrations built together with Storyblok. To create these stories, we meet with companies’ team members and talk to them about the projects built with Storyblok, diving deeply into integration nuances and specifications. To have a better idea of this initiative, check out our technology partners’ stories, which were created within our Ecosystem Expanded project - we already spoke to BigCommerce, Crowdin, Cloudinary, and VueStorefront. More amazing stories coming soon!

Section titled Who do we trust at Storyblok? Who do we trust at Storyblok?

To talk about the perks and benefits of our amazing integrations that you can use, we want to be one hundred percent sure they are really exceptional, reliable, and tailored to your needs. We know that perfectly adjusted tech solutions can boost your business performance by taking your website’s digital experience to the next level. We want you to create the best digital platform you can imagine and we’re here to help you! To give you a few highlights, here are some of the technologies we are proud to be integrated with:

  • Algolia - for exceptional search features and search results in milliseconds
  • Vercel - to deploy and synchronize data to the front-end layer
  • Salesforce - to manage connections between us and our partners & clients
  • Crisp - messaging application that keeps us close to our clients - thanks to this app we can directly chat with partners and customers as well as provide support
  • Mailchimp - for a seamless email marketing automation

You can learn more about Storyblok’s technology stack here.

Section titled The new tech partnerships era The new tech partnerships era

From our point of view, the benefits of tech integrations, especially in the B2B sector, go far beyond obvious profits such as website performance boots, digital platform differentiation or feature expansion. Collaboration with trusted companies and partners gives us a feeling of certainty and safety in terms of overall integration workflows. Of course, we’re also fans of having solid data that confirms the results and benefits of ongoing integrations. However, it’s always good to have in mind that behind every collaboration and partnership processes there are real humans, who value relationships built on trust between partners. In our eyes, the mix of technical expertise, deep analysis, and professional deployment capabilities are more than important. But, having in mind the new technology partnerships era that our businesses live in, we’d like to develop a Technology Ecosystem built on common values, inspiring attitude, and trust. We invite you to co-create this initiative with us, as we love to see how you extend your digital platform’s structure and are happy to assist you in this journey!

If you’d like to learn more about tech solutions that have already joined us, visit our Technology Partner Listing. You can also get more information or join our Ecosystem here.