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Ecosystem Expanded - Smartling

Ana Ilievska

Imagine a world where every word and cultural subtlety rises above linguistic borders. A world where mutual understanding is universal. Now, welcome to the world of Translation Management Systems (TMS) - the architects of this union. Moreover, welcome to Smartling and their LanguageAI(TM) localization and translation platform.

Smartling has customers from various industries. These include British Airways, Canva, IHG, NYC Mayor’s Office, Volkswagen, and more. Each year Smartling translates billions of words into more than 450 languages and locales. They are a global company with employees representing 17 countries. They have offices in New York City and Dublin.

With Smartling Language Services, customers have experienced the following outcomes*:

  • Savings: Reduce translation costs by 20%
  • Quality: Reduce edits to strings by 90%
  • Speed: Publish content 52% faster
  • Conversion: Increase conversions by 70%

*These statistics are compared to Smartling customers who do not use Smartling Language Services.

In this article, we introduce you to Smartling, Storyblok’s Technology Partner. Learn about Smartling’s LanguageAI™ platform. Read about our partnership, integration, and joint achievements. Learn how to automate the translation of websites, applications, and customer experiences.

Storyblok x Smartling Partnership

Section titled The Storyblok x Smartling integration The Storyblok x Smartling integration

With the Storyblok x Smartling Integration users can enhance their content localization process. They can simplify translation management by connecting Storyblok & Smartling. A powerful CMS with an advanced translation technology and service.

Quote from Mike Hurst, Channel Partner Manager at Smartling

I'm excited about the collaboration between the Smartling and Storyblok development teams. Adding Storyblok as a technology partner boosts Smartling's value. It aids customers in expanding into new markets.

Mike Hurst
Mike Hurst
Channel Partner Manager at Smartling

The Storyblok x Smartling Integration allows easy translation and localization of content. It does that for a global audience with a smooth workflow.

See how you can use the Storyblok x Smartling integration:

Section titled Smartling - Translation & localization made easy Smartling - Translation & localization made easy

Smartling provides an end-to-end enterprise technology and services solution. Their AI-enabled platform aids companies in transforming content across devices and mediums. Common Sense Advisory Research recognizes the company as the best language-focused TMS. G2 users also consider it the top TMS. Smartling uses a method based on data for localization. This allows their clients to get superior-quality translation at a reduced expense. With Smartling, users have access to:

  • LanguageAI™ platform.
    Cloud-based, AI-powered content and workflow management. Performance and progress dashboards, cost estimating, and contextual CAT Tool.
  • Automation + Integration.
    Automated translation with Smartling’s Translation Proxy. Out-of-the-box connectors to most platforms or APIs.
  • Language Services + Machine Translation Hub.
    Professional translation from expert translators or machine translation customized to each brand.
  • Managed + professional services.
    Technical implementation, custom configurations, and managed services to optimize translation and localization processes.

With Smartling users can improve the quality of their content. Their predictive machine learning tool provides automated quality checks. They can also increase speed by automating content ingestion. Thus, eliminating 90% of the manual effort. Moreover, Smartling Language Services helps users reduce translation costs by 20%. Lastly, Smartling is an unparalleled combination of software and language services. This enables customers to achieve turn-key localization solutions.

Section titled Automating content translation with Storyblok & Smartling Automating content translation with Storyblok & Smartling

Smartling's Partner Program includes top-tier tech partners. These span from digital experience and headless CMS to PIM. They also include marketing automation, machine translation, customer support, and product development. Smartling has a growing network of over 40 premier partners and more than 30 automated integrations.

We are excited about the future of our partnership and integration. We look forward to helping more businesses achieve their goals. Contact Smartling to learn how the Storyblok x Smartling integration can benefit your business.