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Ecosystem Expanded: Semrush

Agata Kędzia

There are many ways to measure the success of a digital platform. Project managers, marketers, or any other stakeholders responsible for a brand’s online presence utilize multiple tools to track their websites’ performance and development. How to measure a digital platform’s overall success? In truth, there is no magic recipe for this. A foundation for long-term, successful online campaigns is defining the marketing metrics that are possible to be measured, tracked, analyzed, and put in the wider context of a company's overall strategy.

In the market, there are many tools and solutions that help businesses plan, execute, and analyze marketing campaigns. However, while searching for the perfect platform, various barriers may be encountered: Free tools and niche solutions have limited data, and full-scale platforms are often too expensive. What’s needed is a single solution that’s available and affordable for all types of businesses — a holistic approach that produces clear data about all marketing channels, allowing a business’s entire team to collaborate.

A company that provides agile, multi-dimensional solutions tailored to any type of business - it sounds like Storyblok’s perfect tech partner, right? As this kind of approach is, in fact, in our DNA, we are more than happy to join forces with Semrush as part of our Technology Ecosystem! With their motto, “Online Marketing Can Be Easy”, they perfectly complement our technology partners’ circle by making it easier for enterprises to create effective marketing campaigns.

Section titled Making marketing easy for everyone

Headquartered in Boston, United States, Semrush is an online visibility management and content marketing SaaS platform. Currently, the platform has been used by as many as 10,000,000 marketers worldwide and we are not surprised at all: Their all-in-one suite of over 50 tools empowers users to grow their online presence across a variety of key marketing channels. With Semrush it’s possible to carry out SEO, competitor research, content marketing, social media marketing, traffic analytics, site audits, and many more from just one digital platform.

Semrush wants to provide a solution that a company’s marketing department or team can use to enhance their online marketing performance, streamline workflows between team members, and save time on routine tasks that would otherwise have to be done manually. In simple words: To make marketers’ lives easier and more efficient.

What we really love about Semrush, is that they don’t only want to help their customers grow their online presence but also empower and inspire them with insights and data. That’s the attitude we value and share as well!

Section titled The challenge: How to be closer to your audience

Spending an average of over seven hours online each day, consumers are overwhelmed with overall noise and information today. Consumer attention is a fleeting commodity, and the competition for that attention grows every day. This ever-moving online landscape has made it a challenge for companies to break through the noise and stand out in the crowd.

During the digital transformation, many enterprises realized they have to tailor their actions and business strategies in a way to be closer to their customers. To do so, it’s vital to understand where their audience spends time on the web, what they are searching for, and what resonates with them. Many business owners simply don’t know what to do or where to start with analyzing and tracking their marketing performance, and here’s where Semrush is ready to help. With them, effective marketing can be straightforward, and most importantly, performed and maintained within one platform.

Section titled One marketing platform, multiple amazing solutions

If we were to summarize Semrush’s functionalities in one sentence, we would say that they let companies get measurable results from online marketing and boost their marketing performance within one platform. Fortunately, we don't have to limit ourselves to one sentence as there are numerous amazing tools and features to talk about!

To get measurable results, Semrush offers multiple analytic tools such as domain authority tracking, google rank tracking, and traffic analytics. The solution also makes it possible to track and analyze competitor websites and marketing strategies. Marketers can create and track their PPC campaigns too. Apart from that, the solution offers access to over 22 billion keywords for 130 countries and makes it possible to perform keyword click analysis and do SEO on a high level. Another important advantage of Semrush is the possibility of running content marketing campaigns by drafting, scheduling, and posting content on social media platforms. Sounds impressive? There’s even more: With Semrush’s solution, marketing teams can run in-depth website audits based on as many as 130+ checks and get recommendations to improve a company’s content to increase search ranking. We have a feeling that marketers’ dreams just came true.

Section titled Semrush X Storyblok integration

You know us: We love innovation, great technology solutions, and helping our partners grow. That’s why we couldn't pass up such a great integration partner. Within our Technology Ecosystem, we developed the one and only Storyblok & Semrush integration, which is already available to be used! We are thrilled to officially welcome Semrush as one of our Technology Partners.

Quote from James Rineer, Partnership Development Manager at Semrush

Through our integration partnership, we have developed a solution that can help Storyblok users better optimize content with Semrush’s global keyword database. We are excited to partner with Storyblok and provide its users even greater value by enabling them to tailor their content by topic and market, with the goal of improving overall content performance.

James Rineer
James Rineer
Partnership Development Manager at Semrush

Curious about how the integration works and what it does?

Our partnership with Semrush offers a very useful, straightforward, and user-friendly SEO solution that is integrated with Storyblok. It’s a custom application that helps you search for the most popular keywords related to a campaign’s main field or topic, taking into account the market where the campaign will be carried out.

After setting up the Semrush account and connecting it to the Storyblok application, the integration will be accessible in the main Storyblok app menu dashboard, under the “Apps'' tab. After indicating the needed thematic scope of the campaign, the integration lets you select a needed country or region where you want to perform SEO. The search results indicate all the related keywords based on different variables: A keyword search volume, CPC (Cost-Per-Click), Competition, Number of Results, and related search trends from a 12-month range (based on changes in the number of queries per month), are all shown in a form of a simple graph:

Additionally, it’s possible to sort the search results from the highest to the smallest volume and vice versa. The Semrush integration is a great help for marketers who want to take control over marketing campaigns in terms of SEO, already at the stage of content creation and development. This approach can save your team’s time, which would have to be spent on switching between your Storyblok-based website and a different marketing platform that takes care of your SEO performance. We see a lot of value in this solution and we hope you’ll like it, too!

Section titled Let’s be friends forever

If you think that the limit of the best features of the best marketing company has been exhausted by our new tech partner, here’s something more to learn: Semrush is a trusted data provider whose data on search volume, correlations, website traffic, and digital trends is used by media outlets around the world. Their services are used by such companies as Business Insider, MarketWatch, and Forbes. Comprising over 50 products, tools, and add-ons across online visibility management, and collecting search data for 140 countries, Semrush provides statistics that can enhance any data-driven piece with up-to-date information and data.

We are excited to constantly develop our Technology Ecosystem. Forming a partnership with Semrush has only strengthened our conviction that launching this initiative was a great decision. They are true leaders in their field, innovators, enthusiasts, and game changers. They grab the audience’s attention by being genuine, professional, and inspiring. With these values, we also see ourselves as a company. The Storyblok & Semrush integration lets us create, develop, and deliver amazing marketing and content solutions together. Here you can find Semrush on our Technology Partner Listing.

If you have any additional questions or want to get more information on how to benefit from our Technology Ecosystem, don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated Partner Team.