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Ecosystem Expanded: Netlify

Agata Kędzia

When it comes to creating new sites and applications, enterprises often have to rely on their existing web stacks and architectures to get the job done. Yet, many have reached a point where their current technology limits their ability to build and innovate for the future. Netlify, our technology partner, helps businesses overcome this challenge. And together, with Storyblok’s modern Content Management System (CMS), we’re making it easier for businesses to build for the future.

Section titled Our partnership with Netlify  Our partnership with Netlify 

We aim to help businesses adopt new architectures and unleash their full potential when building and innovating for the future. By implementing Storyblok and Netlify, enterprise organizations can ship faster and be more productive in their day-to-day tasks. Our joint mission is to help businesses create future-proof, secure, and dynamic websites.

Quote from Alin Tanase, Technology Partner Manager at Storyblok

Crafting the digital frontier, the partnership between Netlify and Storyblok symbolizes synergy. Netlify's robust web deployment meets Storyblok's content prowess, creating a harmonious blend that not only accelerates development but also crafts unparalleled user journeys.

Alin Tanase
Alin Tanase
Technology Partner Manager at Storyblok

Section titled The Storyblok x Netlify integration The Storyblok x Netlify integration

Storyblok and Netlify empower developers and content teams to develop, assemble, and publish web pages more efficiently. The Netlify Builds app can be installed right within Storyblok enabling marketers to self-serve publish as many site changes as they need, whenever they need.

Using Netlify webhooks with Storyblok, content teams can independently push content changes from Storyblok to the Netlify site by pressing the publish button in Storyblok. The Netlify Builds app lets shipping content from Storyblok to production faster and with less demand on developers.

Simply hitting publish in Storyblok will trigger Netlify via webhook to build your site and deploy it across a global high-performance edge network. Netlify also enables real-time changes to content in Storyblok to show up live in production as they're made, using Storyblok Bridge Events with Netlify Serverless Functions.

Want to do even more with Storyblok & Netlify? Check out the Netlify Connect integration.

Quote from Johnny Benavides, Senior Technology Partnerships Manager, Netlify

Netlify's scalable platform, combined with Storyblok's seamless integration, enables faster shipping, increased productivity, and streamlined orchestration.

Johnny Benavides
Johnny Benavides
Senior Technology Partnerships Manager, Netlify

Websites & web apps: With Netlify & Storyblok, you can run your static websites and web apps at zero maintenance. Netlify takes care of your deployment & hosting process, while Storyblok provides a flexible, headless CMS for all your needs.

eCommerce: With Netlify & Storyblok, you are able to build stunning eCommerce experiences on the Jamstack. Storyblok offers integrations with various eCommerce systems that can be used to create fast and easily maintainable web shops deployed and hosted by Netlify.

Deliver impactful web experiences: Create more value for visitors with unique web experiences, localized content, personalized pages for optimized marketing campaigns, and interactive experiences that help visitors in their buying journey.

Section titled Made with Netlify & Storyblok Made with Netlify & Storyblok

my-PV is an Austrian company that creates cutting-edge devices that link solar power systems with the heating industry. Their previous website, built on Joomla, was outdated and caused problems for productivity and user experience. my-PV's website was hard to scale and update, and needed more flexibility. Also, the company experienced security and performance issues.

With Storyblok and Netlify, my-PV gained a stable and future-proof website within only two months. Connecting these two solutions allowed the company to deploy the best-of-breed tech stack, including Next.js. my-PV's new digital architecture significantly improved the website's appearance, performance, and user experience.

Quote from Johnny Benavides, Senior Technology Partnerships Manager, Netlify

Together with Storyblok, we're enabling faster production deployment and transforming the digital experience for business.

Johnny Benavides
Johnny Benavides
Senior Technology Partnerships Manager, Netlify

Section titled Netlify: Connect everything, build anything Netlify: Connect everything, build anything

Building a fully composable eCommerce site or web application from the ground up requires extensive integration work. In this context, Netlify helps businesses with their framework-agnostic approach. This makes them the perfect tech partner in creating the best-of-breed digital experience. With Netlify, you can:

  • Unify all content: Netlify Connect is a data unification layer that allows web teams to create world-class websites, online stores, and apps with data from any existing or new content source.
  • Scale effortlessly: Netlify Core empowers enterprises to build and deploy future-proof, composable web experiences that work with all modern frameworks and any tech stack.
  • Click, edit, ship: Netlify Create enables enterprise teams to update websites faster with visual editing and live previews. Connect any content source and use any tech stack. No bottlenecks. No lock-ins.
  • Streamline performance: By removing the existing technological limitations, Netlify lets enterprises move faster and do more in less time.

Section titled More about Netlify More about Netlify

Whether a large enterprise or just getting started, whether a developer, architect, or marketer, for those aspiring to create unique digital experiences, Netlify's Composable Web Platform is the foundational platform that enables organizations to deliver delight to customers.

At the forefront of the Composable architecture movement, Netlify's Composable Web Platform allows companies to modernize and unlock the potential of their websites, eCommerce stores, and apps. By uniting an extensive ecosystem of technologies, services, and APIs into one workflow, Netlify empowers top brands to ship marketing campaigns faster, be more productive, reduce risk and complexity, and drive higher conversions and revenue. With over 4 million web developers and businesses using the platform, with Netlify you can connect everything, build anything, and keep up with the rapid pace of change that is being accelerated by AI.

Reach out to Netlify's team to learn more about the fantastic solutions they provide.