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Overcoming content management issues in 2 months

  • Headquarters: Neuzeug, Austria
  • Technology Stack: Nuxt.js, Netlify
50% ↓
Work to maintain content
new users
2 months
project implementation

my-PV is an Austrian developer and manufacturer of innovative devices that connect photovoltaic systems with the heating sector, for hot water and heating purposes. The company is popular worldwide thanks to its experience and professionalism. Yet, they were facing difficulties affecting productivity and user experience due to their former, outdated website. Built on Joomla, my-PV's website was complex to update and difficult to scale. The CMS was inflexible, which caused design and layout inconsistencies.

my-PV turned to Werbeberg, an Austrian-based agency, hoping to bring their website to a new level. With Storyblok, within only two months, my-PV gained a stable and future-proof website. This step improved the company website's appearance, performance, and user experience. Also, it has gained 60K new users since the project started. Finally, the amount of work to maintain content decreased by over 50%.

  • Quote from Miriam Bouzammita, Digital Marketing at my-PV

    Storyblok is an intuitive system that actually makes content maintenance fun for me. Not only can I publish content to the site quickly and easily, but I can also design and create completely new pages from scratch.

    Miriam Bouzammita
    Miriam Bouzammita
    Digital Marketing at my-PV

Section titled my-PV’s content management and performance blockers my-PV’s content management and performance blockers

my-PV's website, made with Joomla, needed a lot of time and effort to maintain the content and keep it up to date. These problems were affecting their productivity and the website's user experience. This is what the team struggled with:

  • Maintaining and updating content: Each page entry required significant time and effort to maintain and update. Having different editors work on the content often resulted in layout inconsistencies.
  • Security issues: The old website was susceptible to security vulnerabilities. It became evident when the site fell victim to a hacking incident. These security concerns emphasized the urgent need for a more secure, robust platform.
  • Data migration: my-PV team had to migrate over 500 news articles from Joomla. This task was difficult because Joomla didn't support API querying. This, in turn, was creating extra complexity.
  • Linking multilingual content: Using Joomla, my-PV needed to handle multilingual articles for each language. This workflow led to duplicate entries and extra administrative work.
  • API integration: The company needed to integrate my-PV's CRM for better communication between systems. They wanted users to have a smooth and coherent experience on the website.

Section titled From Joomla to Storyblok: The journey and benefits From Joomla to Storyblok: The journey and benefits

To address the content management issues that my-PV was facing with Joomla, Werbeberg recommended a transition to Storyblok. This step brought my-PV's team outstanding results:

  • Increased performance: Leveraging Nuxt 3 and Storyblok, Werbeberg were able to create a high-performing website. It also ensured smooth navigation and fast response times.
  • Better user engagement: The significant improvement in speed and reliability enhanced the user experience. After the project launch, my-PV gained 60K new users.
  • Enhanced content management: Storyblok's extensive Workflows helped content creators focus on making valuable content. Their website is now also more consistent and of higher quality. After switching to the new CMS, the amount of work to maintain content decreased by over 50%.
  • Improved document access: Werbeberg revamped my PV's "Info Center", internally known as “Document Database”. To do so, they leveraged Storyblok's Content Delivery Features (API). They linked the database to my-PV’s CRM. This made it faster to access product manuals. The new features include full-text search and filtering.
  • Outstanding visuals: With Storyblok, it was possible to integrate the 3D animations into the website. It added an engaging dimension to the user experience. The visuals made the platform look better and helped users understand the products.
  • Multi-language support: With Storyblok's Field level translation, my-PV linked multilingual pages and avoided duplicates.
  • Quote from Beate Gelbmann, Marketing & Graphic at my-PV

    Language management is much less complicated in Storyblok than in comparable content management systems.

    Beate Gelbmann
    Beate Gelbmann
    Marketing & Graphic at my-PV

Section titled my-PV’s content creators love Storyblok my-PV’s content creators love Storyblok

my-PV's marketers save a lot of time maintaining and updating pages with Storyblok. They also love Storyblok’s Visual Editor, which lets them see their work results in real-time. With Storyblok, the my-PV team is sure that their website remains consistent. Additionally, it's easier for them to create an immersive user journey on the platform.

my-PV's current website (November 2023)

The combination of Storyblok's solutions effectively addressed my-PV's problems and challenges. The project implementation resulted in a visually stunning, high-performing, and easy-to-manage website. my-PV still plans to grow and scale, expanding its features with Storyblok.

  • Quote from Markus Geilehner, Co-Founder & Head of Technical Communications at Werbeberg

    For my-PV it was important that the new website combines the creative requirements of their marketing department as well as the needs of the technical areas. Thanks to Storyblok, all departments at my-PV as well as their customers can benefit from the new website.

    Markus Geilehner
    Markus Geilehner
    Co-Founder & Head of Technical Communications at Werbeberg

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