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Top 10 Reasons To Work Remotely In 2022

Life at Storyblok
Yesenia Aguilar

Remote work is here to stay! While remote can be challenging at first, you'll be ready to succeed once you set some clear goals and boundaries. I’m Yesenia Aguilar, one of Storyblok’s Talent Executives. I wanted to get to know our cohort of employees and what were the ten reasons working remotely has changed their lives. But firstly, why is remote work so popular? I took the time to ask some of our Storyblokers about their top reasons to work remotely, and this is what they had to say:

Section titled 1. Flexibility 1. Flexibility

When it comes to flexibility, there are many areas that are important for our colleagues. We will focus on two: Flexible schedules and flexible locations. Having the ability to schedule and organize your work around your life, rather than having to organize your life around your work, is a game-changer. At Storyblok, offering flexible hours for our employees has allowed them to take time to do the essential personal things in life, such as going to a doctor’s appointment, picking up their kids from school, or even taking a nice walk around the neighborhood on a sunny day. On top of that, every employee can work from their home set-up or choose to work in a co-working space.

Flexible location: “I like to switch places; it helps me connect with inspiration. I can work from home, a café, and a co-working space, all on the same day.”

Location Independence:It is amazing sometimes to change places and work from anywhere; that can be very good for the brain because I get more creative.”

Flexible hours allow me to take care of personal appointments during the week. I don’t feel any pressure to rush back because I know Storyblok trusts me to make up the time later in the day or during the week.”

“You can work during the morning, afternoon, and even at midnight. Working by goals instead of a predefined schedule makes everything easier in my life. I can go to the doctor, gym, or just meet with friends or family at any point of the day.”

“I can make my own hours around my life.”

Section titled 2. Nomading 2. Nomading

Have you ever heard about digital nomads? Storyblok lets you quickly become a digital nomad while having a stable job, translating into a fixed income. We encourage our employees to work from anywhere in the world.

Nomading, as they call it, is just another word at Storyblok as another ‘workstation.’ You can travel and work hand-in-hand. By being in new places, surrounded by different cultures and gastronomy, you can live unique experiences that ultimately will boost your life.

“I’m planning short 3 - 4 day trips every month! Last month in Puglia, next in Cinque Terre, then Switzerland, Dublin, maybe Lisbon! How exciting is that! It’s a boost of energy for me, and thanks to Storyblok, I can easily work remotely from wherever!”

Section titled 3. No commuting time and expenses 3. No commuting time and expenses

No, wear and tear on your vehicle is another thing that Storyblokers love. Gone are the days of running for the train, being stuck in traffic for hours, and constantly being on the run from one place to another.

“I don’t need to waste time on traffic; I can use that time to be productive.”

“Not commuting impacts my economy, mental health, and the planet.”

Section titled 4. Sharing time with family, friends, and pets 4. Sharing time with family, friends, and pets

Do you feel like walking with your dog in the morning? Attending your kid's soccer game in the afternoon or having a nice lunch with friends in the middle of the day? You can do that when working at Storyblok!

“I always wanted to get a dog, but going to the office made it impossible. When I decided to transition to remote work, the first thing I did was rescue a dog. Now we are both living our best lives!”

“I love being more present in my kids' activities. Working at Storyblok has improved our relationship together.”

Section titled 5. Healthy Eating 5. Healthy Eating

Who doesn’t love fresh food? Having the possibility to make your meals is a game-changer, especially if you have dietary/allergy restrictions. There’s no need to get an early running start for the lunchtime rush hour or queue behind lines of people at the local coffee shop for a sandwich. Being in a remote setup, specifically in your own home, allows you to refocus your dietary needs, have time to cook up a delicious meal, and explore any fresh and local produce in your area.

“I can take the time to prepare my food and eat healthy and fresh every day.”

Section titled 6. Work-life balance 6. Work-life balance

“Better Work-Life Balance: I can focus on results and actual work instead of just having to stare at a screen from 9 to 5.”

One of the most important factors in working remotely is the equilibrium between work and life. Many of us may have felt guilty having to quickly run out of the office during our free time at lunch to go to the bank, the doctors, or simply to the hairdressers. Working remotely allows us to be much more productive and relaxed, balancing our time as we want and need.

“I used to feel so guilty and always in a rush if I needed to take some free time to go to the bank, to the doctor, or simply to the hairdresser. I’m much more relaxed, and I feel the quality of my life has improved since I started at Storyblok. I think that it’s the thing that I like the most here at Storyblok.”

Section titled 7. Remote team environment 7. Remote team environment

You're part of the team even though it's remote. Employees may be spread across different continents and time zones, yet building a great relationship with your teammates despite the distance allows stronger collaboration and communication.

“I can meet and make friends outside of work which builds a stronger foundation as a team.”

“Celebrate any type of achievements - personal or professional, small or large and have a team support you. How stimulating and cool is it to have colleagues literally from every part of the world?”

Section titled 8. Productivity 8. Productivity

Depending on your working style, either from a home office or at a coworking space, you may find it more efficient to be working at home or in an office environment. Many of our colleagues at Storyblok choose to work from home as it allows them to manage their time and day productively and save on commuting. On the other hand, others prefer to go into a coworking space to spend some time working away from any distractions and make it a place to change things up if needed.

“Minimal distractions/ability to focus - wherein an office you might have many people coming to your desk, and you're not able to get work done on time.”

Section titled 9. Total Comfort! 9. Total Comfort!

One of the perks of working from home means you can wear (of course work-appropriate) anything you like. Whatever you feel comfortable in, whether dressing up on one day or in your most comfortable leggings.

“You can wear whatever you like. If you are not a dress code lover, one of the other advantages of working from home is that you get to wear what you like and if you like to dress up a little more, but it is just a personal choice.”

Section titled 10. 100% Remote - really, it’s actually 100% 10. 100% Remote - really, it’s actually 100%

There is a big difference between working from home and working remotely - while many companies offer work from home, they may ask you to be in a specific location geographically.

The home office set-up is more than the bare minimum. As a Talent Executive, I have a set-up that I like. When guests come over to my house, everyone is impressed with what Storyblok provides.

I love having the opportunity to work remotely, but not always from home. I enjoy going to the co-working space, and I really appreciate that Storyblok will cover that for me.

While this only covers ten reasons to work remotely, hundreds of other reasons make the switch from an office environment to one in the comfort of your own home, coworking space, or anywhere in the world, making it all worth it.

Thank you, Alex, Andrew, Audry, Francesca, Maria, Nikola, Rita, and Vasco, for sharing your experiences!