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3 Strategies To Improve Content Creation and Management

Gillian Mays
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For most modern brands, digital content is at the heart of every marketing plan. It’s an effective way to get the word out about your brand by delivering relevant information to your visitors. However, knowing the best way to do this can be tricky. Let’s take a look at why content creation and management are important and how you can successfully incorporate them into your marketing strategy.

Section titled The benefits of content creation and management The benefits of content creation and management

You can’t sell someone a product if they don’t know it exists. Content marketing and management solve this problem by providing relevant information to consumers. Once they’ve engaged with the content, you have the opportunity to introduce your brand in an organic way to an audience that’s already shown they’re interested.

If you sell running shoes, for example, you might create content demonstrating proper running techniques. Users who are searching for this information are likely the same ones who will be open to learning more about your closely related product, especially if it can solve the problem they were looking for answers to in the first place.

Content creation offers plenty of benefits to your company, including:

  • Providing a direct way to appeal to your ideal customer base
  • Increasing leads and exposure through boosted Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Establishing a reputation as an industry authority by answering relevant consumer questions and providing other valuable resources

In a lot of ways, it’s the first step many customers will take to entering your sales pipeline. Because of this, investing in content creation and management is a crucial way to reach as many relevant customers as possible.

Section titled Why content management is crucial Why content management is crucial

It is essential to remember that behind every strong content creation strategy is impeccable content management. Creating a system that makes your content easy to find, repurpose, and track is key to maximizing its benefits. No matter how good your content is, poor administration can make it nearly impossible to use effectively.

A messy desk with papers and binders taking up a ton of space, representing poor content management

Poor content management can lead to huge amounts of disorganization, making it hard to run your website.

This is especially true for enterprise companies that juggle huge amounts of content. Good organization makes you more able to wield the power of your content by helping you deliver it where and when you need it.

Section titled 3 Strategies To Improve Content Creation and Management 3 Strategies To Improve Content Creation and Management

Let’s demystify content creation and management by looking at key ways to ensure you’re getting the most benefits from your efforts.

Section titled 1. Make a plan, but remain flexible 1. Make a plan, but remain flexible

A content creation plan is central to your success. Start with two simple questions: who are you creating content for, and what do you want them to do after seeing it?

For example, you probably aren’t expecting a purchase from content you’ve aimed at people with little understanding of what you offer. Creating content with the goal of them signing up for a newsletter rather than making a purchase is more realistic and can help you focus your efforts where they can have the greatest impact.

In addition to planning your strategy, you’ll also need to plan for the execution. How you release your content is almost as important as what you’re creating – and consistency is key. You can ensure you stay on a timely schedule by choosing a Content Management System (CMS) that supports smooth operations with features such as:

  • Customizable workflows to make sure all collaborators understand the content stages
  • Version control to keep close track of what changes happen when
  • Content automation and scheduling functions to ensure regular posting
A Storyblok interview with three workflow stages and an entry field to add new ones.

Customizable workflows are key to a content creation and management strategy that fits your unique organization.

Finally, try to stay flexible! Be sure you’re tracking how your topics perform, being ready to switch gears if there’s room for improvement. You might also find that you’re looking to reach new customers or expand to new content formats, which will require you to consider your content calendar carefully.

Section titled 2. Expand your horizons 2. Expand your horizons

The more different content types you can offer, the more possible customers you can reach. Consider offering formats such as articles, podcasts, or infographics to provide a wider range of resources for your users.

It’s not just about what you’re producing, either. Finding different ways to engage also involves how you’re distributing what you’ve already created. Today’s consumers expect to have a huge range of options regarding how they interact with your brand. That’s where omnichannel marketing comes in.

Omnichannel marketing is where you push the same content to different frontends in order to engage the maximum number of interested visitors. By offering a consistent experience across channels such as web browsers, apps, and smartwatches, you’re making the most of your content with minimal effort.


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You may also want to consider expanding your market reach to new locations. Offering your content in different languages is a simple way to appeal to a wider range of potential customers. Deploying a dedicated multilingual content marketing strategy has the potential to grow your audience considerably.

This is another reason to carefully choose your CMS. Even if you aren’t ready for internationalization yet, choosing a platform that affords you the option can make sure you’re ready to quickly embrace that growth potential when the time comes.

Section titled 3. Prioritize organization 3. Prioritize organization

Creating content is only the first step. Knowing how to wield, organize, and reuse it is key to its success. Choosing technology that actively supports these principles should be an essential part of your content creation and management strategy.

A few features to look for in a CMS that can help with this are:

  • A component-based system that lets you reuse premade content elements for streamlined production
  • A tagging system to make finding the right content fast and easy every time
  • An advanced digital asset manager that allows you to keep track of where and how your images and videos are being used

Tools like these make it easier to know what content you’ve produced, understand how it's being used, and ensure the final product is consistent every time.

You may also want to keep an eye out for any technology that comes with content limits. Your number of assets will only grow as your organization does. Having to constantly upgrade plans to accommodate new needs can slow you down, making it harder to capitalize on other opportunities or even requiring you to sacrifice old entries to make new ones.

Section titled Key takeaways Key takeaways

Content creation remains a key way to engage potential customers naturally while also building up your brand identity. Content management is the backbone of it all, taking your content further while making your work easier. Harnessing its power is the key to maintaining a steady pipeline of users who are familiar with your brand and open to purchasing from it.

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