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Celebrating the exclusive Partner Contest II Awards!

Agata Kędzia
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The long-awaited celebration moment has come! Today, we’re thrilled to announce the winners of the second round of our exclusive, enterprise-oriented Partner Contest.

In the competition, our Certified Agency Partners had a chance to win $10K each, a dedicated co-marketing budget to make their creative enterprise-focused and lead generation-based projects with Storyblok come true. We’re over the moon to share the results of this exciting challenge and will announce the winners of our Partner Contest II.

Ready to find out who the winners are? Let’s go!

Section titled The Competition Challenge The Competition Challenge

We challenged our Certified Storyblok Partners to submit their creative co-marketing ideas centered around enterprise-based lead generation. Each winning idea is to be awarded a $10K co-marketing budget by Storyblok, which can be used to make their wildest co-promotion initiatives come true!

We asked you to think of account-based marketing, Linkedin ads, paid campaigns, executive events, or all other creative initiatives you could come up with. The main goal: How can we generate more business by gaining enterprise deals together?

Section titled The $1.5M Partner Fund to highlight our collaboration The $1.5M Partner Fund to highlight our collaboration

Why a Partner Competition? In July of 2022, we launched our $1.5M Partner Fund, through which Storyblok supports partnering agencies in co-marketing initiatives. The Fund includes a $5K budget that is granted to every Storyblok Certified Partner, which can be used to showcase their collaboration with Storyblok through any initiative you can think of: events, ad campaigns, guerilla marketing, content development, etc. The core of the activities is bound to headless infrastructure advocacy and promotion, focusing on implementing best-of-breed technology structures, allowing our partners to build scalable and future-proof digital environments with Storyblok.

As part of our efforts to support you in telling our digital stories to the world, with the help of our $1.5M Partner Fund, we’re thrilled to reward 6 Partners as part of the Partner Contest II for best co-marketing initiatives.

Section titled The best of the best The best of the best

Knowing how much work our partners put into shaping the future of digital storytelling with us, we’re thrilled to support their amazing co-marketing ideas. Your imagination exceeded our expectations. Therefore, we decided to reward as many as 6 of our amazing partners with a $10K co-marketing budget to launch your campaign with Storyblok.

And the winners are…

  • Incentro: a digital agency that helps companies create their digital transformation and build mind-blowing customer experiences.
  • Razorfish: a team of designers, developers, strategists, data analysts, and project managers. They seek and test technological solutions to build fairer and more responsible digital landscapes.
  • CloudNine: a web and eCommerce agency that helps design and develop digital services for the most popular brands in the Nordic region.
  • BitBull: a digital agency that brings efficiency to eCommerce projects through process optimization and a pragmatic and innovative approach to technology.
  • iCrossing: our partnering agency that combines the capability of a digital transformation consultancy with the activation expertise of an agency.
  • Ergosign: our partner who creates digital products that empower and support people in their work and everyday lives.


Section titled You and your ideas are our inspiration You and your ideas are our inspiration

Your contest submissions included, to name a few, a futuristic AI-centered event, a Storyblok-based case study highlight campaign, a conference with a focus on headless composable architecture promotion, a new innovative partnership accelerator, a campaign highlighting Storyblok’s DXP architecture, and many more. All this, with the joint goal to generate enterprise leads and opportunities, and what’s most important, to shape new standards of digital storytelling future and build awareness around headless architecture.

We’d like to thank you all for all the submitted co-marketing ideas, which were truly innovative and creative. We're over the moon to have such engaged and collaborative partnerships with you! The best part of the contest is for sure the fact that your great ideas will soon result in our joint, real-life co-marketing campaigns. We can't wait!

We invite you to find out more about our partner benefits and Partner Fund on our Partner Playbook page. Also, feel free to download our Partner Playbook to have all the information at hand. To maximize your partnership benefits, don’t hesitate to become our Certified Storyblok Partner.