Celebrating 100 Certified Solution Partners

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Our first Partner initiative of 2022 was to start our ‘Storyblok Partner Certification’, a process by which each of our registered partners can become officially recognized and certified not only as Storyblok Partners but as creators and innovators. We are thrilled and proud to announce that as of today, we have 100 Certified Solution Partners and over 1300 Registered Solution Partners!

Thank you to each and every partner for their commitment to building the future of digital storytelling with Storyblok’s Content Management System (CMS).

Image: Celebrating 100 certified solution partners

Getting Certified

If you haven't already, reach out to our Partner Success Managers (PSMs) to get started or follow this link to apply to our Partner Program. In order to get certified, your dedicated PSM will get you started by introducing you to the Storyblok Partner Program and its benefits, as well as how to use and sell our CMS with Technical and Sales Enablement Sessions.

When you’ve completed both your technical and sales enablement sessions, you’ll be invited to submit your Storyblok case studies and get listed on our exclusive Partner Listing. This will allow potential clients to get an overview of your agency and its capabilities, as well as the work you’ve done with Storyblok. Moreover, it will provide them with a platform to reach you. At this stage, we’ll also be sending you your Storyblok Certification and a Branding Pack which you can use on your channels to show you are Storyblok ready. In tandem, we’ll be announcing your certification on our social and PR channels to highlight our new partnership. For more information on the benefits and perks of getting your certification completed, read this article.

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