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BRANDUNG - Creativity meets technology

Ana Ilievska

A customer-centric approach, where priority is placed on understanding clients' brands, businesses, and target audiences, is bound to deliver exceptional results. This kind of approach is what allows Storyblok’s Certified Partner, BRANDUNG, to develop creative ideas and leverage technological expertise in building customized websites, e-commerce solutions, mobile applications, and online marketing campaigns.

BRANDUNG, founded in 2003, is an independent full-service digital agency with offices in Cologne and Berlin, Germany. Their ultimate goal is to support clients in their digital transformation journey and establish long-lasting partnerships built on mutual success. To do so, they have a wonderful team of experts - strategists, designers, developers, and marketers who work together to deliver exceptional results. As such, they have a strong track record of working with a wide range of clients across various industries, including healthcare, NGOs, insurance, finance, retail, fashion, FMCG, and sports. Check out all the companies they have helped.

Partner of the Month for August: Brandung

BRANDUNG - One size does not fit all

The BRANDUNG team doesn't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach but in creating unique and impactful digital experiences that truly resonate with their clients' customers. They combine various digital offers from online marketing to technical development, digital communication, and content creation. Through that, they become the all-in-one partner in branding who tries to create the best and unique digital solution for every customer. At the same time, they embrace new technologies and trends, staying at the forefront of industry developments to ensure they always offer their clients the most effective and cutting-edge solutions.

Overcoming market challenges with headless

Companies often struggle to adapt to constant technological advances and changes. Just when they have implemented a new system, trained their personnel, and adjusted their processes, new trends emerge and traditional systems become outdated and limited. With a headless architecture, organizations are setting the ground for a future-proof solution that can easily scale and adapt.

Headless content management systems (CMS) have satisfied the rising customer expectations for user-friendliness. Marketers want to access content anytime, anywhere, and in whichever way they prefer. Therefore, it is crucial for companies to effectively design their digital channels. Headless CMSs are a promising solution to the continuation of creating high-quality content across multiple channels.

Today, more and more customers want clarity and editorial comfort, as well as the ability to act faster and more flexibly in their digital ecosystem. For that purpose, Storyblok’s CMS offers a great combination between accessibility and the latest CMS technologies. For BRANDUNG, those have been the reason why they chose to work with Storyblok.

Quote from Daniel Ariel, Business Director Team eComm at BRANDUNG

Storyblok has revolutionized the collaboration process between our developers and content authors. Its user-friendly system brings joy to both developers and authors, resulting in a higher level of satisfaction for both parties.

Daniel Ariel
Daniel Ariel
Business Director Team eComm at BRANDUNG

Partnering with Storyblok

BRANDUNG’s developers are always on the lookout for new, innovative technologies and suppliers. Subsequently, they discovered Storyblok and have since added Storyblok as their CMS of choice.

Quote from Steffen Rütten, Managing Director at BRANDUNG

Storyblok combines modern API-First architecture with a user-centric approach thanks to visual editing, a great UI, and attractive pricing. Storyblok offers many customers an uncomplicated and successful entry into the topic of composable and headless CMS. Our developers appreciate the speed of handling, the comprehensive documentation, and the technical sparring on the Storyblok side.

 Steffen Rütten
Steffen Rütten
Managing Director at BRANDUNG

When migrating to a new website, the most common concerns from a client’s perspective of BRANDUNG are related to data loss, time investment, adaptability, and technical complexity. With Storyblok, they have been able to address these concerns and assist their customers in migrating content to new websites. Major areas in which Storyblok has helped them include:

  • Content import: Storyblok provides tools and APIs to import content from various sources and replicate it on a new website, minimizing the risk of data loss.
  • User-friendliness: Storyblok offers a user-friendly interface that enables customers to easily create, edit, and publish content. This facilitates the customization process after migration.
  • Flexibility: Storyblok as a headless CMS allows customers to manage their content independently of the presentation layer. This enables them to utilize content on different platforms and devices.

Quote from Daniel Ariel, Business Director Team eComm at BRANDUNG

Storyblok's API-driven approach simplifies the process of displaying dynamic content in a headless project. The scalability and flexibility of the system allowed us to handle projects of any size, and finally, localization has been made easy.

Daniel Ariel
Daniel Ariel
Business Director Team eComm at BRANDUNG

Case Study: A new, modern website presence for LEIBNIZ

LEIBNIZ is the most famous German brand of biscuits and cookies produced by Bahlsen GmbH & Co. KG since 1891. Leibniz approached BRANDUNG for help with their website relaunch, with the goal of translating the new packaging designs, the current LEIBNIZ campaign, and introducing the Nutri-Score into the web in a communicative way.

The UX team at BRANDUNG was tasked with creating an intuitive structure for the website that could be easily operated by users and would quickly lead them to the desired information. For the UI team, the task was to create a design that was iconic but not too playful, so that it would appeal to the target group of caregivers, i.e. families with children. For the frontend developers, the task was to ensure flawless operation, which should be possible on both the desktop and the mobile version. Geo-mapping was used, in which users are redirected to the corresponding URL depending on their location. The contact form was adapted to Bahlsen's existing Jira mapping and configured so that each request arrives in the correct Bahlsen department.

The tech stack for LEIBNIZ consists of Vercel, Next.js, and a mono repository. As for a CMS, Storyblok was the obvious choice. With its help, nearly all modules and elements for LEIBNIZ can be managed and still be used individually. For the BRANDUNG team, Storyblok is easy to develop because developers don't need to learn any other framework. Moreover, it is easy to set up as only using one language, React, was sufficient to complete the project

In the case of LEIBNIZ, content maintenance is a dream with Storyblok’s features like the Visual Editor and Live Previews, as well as support for different viewports. Any visible adjustments made are reflected immediately. This saves the LEIBNIZ team time and reduces the number of mistakes.

Partner of the Month

The BRANDUNG team strives to develop innovative and customized solutions that meet their clients' individual needs and desires. Their goal is to develop digital strategies that promote their clients' business success and strengthen their growth and competitiveness.

As such, we are happy and proud to announce that they are the August Storyblok Partner of the Month! You can get in touch with them by visiting their website. You can also find them on our website under their Partner Listing.