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best it - Customer experience without compromise

Laura Gavrilă
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Storyblok is the first headless CMS that works for developers & marketers alike.

Web CMS came onto the enterprise technology scene 20 years ago. Currently web experiences compete with a mix of channels, platforms, and devices, corresponding heavily with mass adoption of the web, consumer services, and connected devices. Fast-moving customers and technologies demand a new focus on agility, strategy, custom user experience and secure operations.

Evolving with the CMS scene and rapidly adapting, closing the digital gap, is the digital agency best it. Since 2000, they have delivered more than 400 commerce projects for midsize enterprises.
As a digital experience partner that burns for growth, they create data-driven, inspirational and customer-centric experiences. Their team, composed of over 100 passionate specialists, create forward-thinking and future-proof customer journeys by combining strategies, data, technologies and UX designs. Their customer experience framework systematically guides companies towards CX (Customer Experience) leadership.
In fact, it is one of their goals to create and generate CX leaders. They achieve this by focusing on the digital targets of their clients and bringing them to next-level in terms of user-centricity.

Digital fingerprint

In two decades of experience, best it, defined and refined a clear work structure. They built a precise MVP (Minimum Viable Product) model for their projects. Essentially, the spotlight is on the ”go-live readiness” of each project. After this phase is reached, their clients are able to either roll out their project or choose to continue to improve it, adding features, testing and then deploying the new version.

More than that, they developed a maturity model for digital commerce projects, which provides them and their clients with a proven concept to become a CX leader.

In a nutshell, here is what makes best it a unique agency:

  • Focus on UX combined with 20 years experience with commerce projects
  • Multi platform knowledge with different MACH technologies
  • Proven maturity model for becoming a CX leader
  • Digital enablement of clients with a clear roadmap
  • Customer engagement model in projects

Storyblok: when and why

In their continuous journey of improvement, in 2019, best it came in contact with Storyblok. One of their team members met with Storyblok’s CEO and co-founder, Dominik Angerer, and discussed the challenges they were facing on content commerce projects and best it’s experience with other headless CMSs.
As a conclusion to this meeting, best it started using Storyblok for some of their projects and it’s easy to see why.

Quote from Christoph Batik, CSO & Co-Founder

Storyblok is the first headless CMS that is easy to use for the people who are using the system. Other headless CMSs are often very technical, but the end-user of a CMS is not “techie”. Additionally our developers like the flexibility and power of the Storyblok-APIs.

Christoph Batik
Christoph Batik
CSO & Co-Founder

In terms of technology, the preferred tech stack used by best it is Spryker, Commercetools, Scayle and Shopware expanded with different technologies like Algolia, Frontastic or Emarsys.

Explaining their choice of using Storyblok, best it points out the usefulness and user-friendliness which applies to both users and developers.

Quote from Christoph Batik, CSO & Co-Founder

Storyblok gives us the possibility to build “true” content commerce projects with an optimized customer experience without any compromises in the frontend. This satisfies the project team, the developer, the client and their customers!

Christoph Batik
Christoph Batik
CSO & Co-Founder

Case Study - SLV

Sound, Light and Video was born out of the disco scene of 1979. Night clubs looked for innovative ways to connect sound, light and video to enhance the dancefloor experience.
Over the last 40 years, the SLV Lighting Group has perfected professional lighting solutions, selling in over 100 countries, with the support of 15 subsidiaries.
Their eCommerce platform was rebuilt by best it on Storyblok, winning the Shop Usability Award in the category best B2B shop.

The agency was able to relaunch the shop in a little over 4 months. This was possible thanks to the power of Storyblok, with which they were able to create the content structure and the content itself easily and seamlessly.
The further creation of content was approached in a decentralized manner, so that each subsidiary, with the help of the implemented components and Storyblok’s visual editor, can create their own content. They can also take over some parts with the Dimensions app from the headquarter team in Germany easily.
Best it also focused on the needs of marketing users by enabling them to own specific roles and permissions, to schedule content automatically, to publish in an omnichannel capacity, and to effortlessly handle localisation for 14 languages. At the same time, they benefit from cross-team collaboration.

Quote from Christoph Batik, CSO & Co-Founder

Together with Storyblok, we successfully create customer experiences that convert. In doing so, Storyblok offers our customers a very user-friendly and modern system. And from a developer's perspective, Storyblok also delivers an efficient tool that ensures smooth implementation of project requirements without additional development effort.

Christoph Batik
Christoph Batik
CSO & Co-Founder

Tech stack

The agency worked with Spryker (eCommerce) and Storyblok (CMS). Specifically, REST API, json, scss, Typescript, vue.js
Once they decided to go API first and choosing Spryker, opting for Storyblok was the best fit, especially since Storyblok’s level of support was fast and significant during the project setup.

Partner of the Month

best it is the service provider that supports you in developing your appropriate strategy, provides your customers with a unique shopping experience, implements your digital commerce applications and secures their operation. In their partnership with Storyblok they offer their clients “true” content commerce projects with an optimized customer experience.
We are happy to announce that they are the May Storyblok Partner of the Month!
You can get in touch with them by visiting their website. You can also find them on our partners list.