The best 5 free Jamstack courses for developers

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    We all know how hard it is to follow new developments when you are working daily on a project where the decisions about the technology have been made and a deadline is approaching. It is even more liberating when the project is finished and there is time again to check out the latest and greatest new framework or concept. Over the last years, innovative concepts on top of cloud providers have become mainstream. Things like Jamstack architecture are now part of many technology evaluations.

    A What-stack?

    Jamstack. The word is Jamstack and is a combination of JAM and stack. JAM is an acronym formed by the first initial of JavaScript, API (which is again an acronym), and Markup. It was initially coined by Netlify co-founder Mathias Biilmann and refers to the three main components of this architectural approach:

    • JavaScript handles all of the dynamic functionality for websites without placing any restrictions on which framework or library is used.

    • Server-side functionality is made accessible by APIs (REST, GraphQL, …), which are then accessed over HTTPS using JavaScript.

    • And finally, websites are served as pre-rendered static HTML files (Markup). These can be generated from source files using a Static Site Generator.

    To help you catch up with the Jamstack and how it is useful for your day-to-day tasks we have collected the best free Jamstack courses for you.

    Introduction to the Jamstack |

    This course covers all the fundamental aspects of the Jamstack and it is ideal for anyone wishing to learn the basics of the stack at a high level.

    Secure and Scalable: An Introduction to JAMstack ―

    Another great introduction to Jamstack highlighting security and stability as the main reasons for choosing this architecture.

    Jamstack Explorers — Free Jamstack Courses

    This is not only a course but a full learning platform provided by Netlify. Learn about the basic concepts, frameworks, and everything you need to get your new Jamstack site up and running.

    Learn JAMstack in Free 3.5 Hour Video Course - Demos & Examples

    If you are tired of reading and want to get the ultimate Jamstack show this is the right course for you. This is a 3.5-hour video with everything you need to know about Jamstack.

    Jamstack -

    One of the most comprehensive resources when it comes to web development is Browse through the articles or start your journey with: What is the JAMstack and how do I get started?.

    I hope this gives you a good introduction to Jamstack and where it can be used. If you have further courses to mention or would like to chat about where Storyblok fits into your Jamstack application, drop us an email or reach out on Twitter. We are always happy to help.