Storyblok vs Contentful Compose

Discover why Storyblok is rated as the easiest-to-use Headless CMS. And how it compares to Contentful Compose

If you’re here because you’re evaluating Storyblok vs Contentful’s Compose, then you’re already doing the right thing by finding a headless CMS that will help you build better digital experiences.

Now, let’s take a look: What are the differences between Storyblok and Contentful Compose? Here are the top 3 reasons why people choose Storyblok.


Let’s start there: Storyblok offers a component-approach by default. Storyblok and its foundation is centred around components. It not just a feature.

Our unique component-based approach allows you to reuse your well-structured content in the ever-changing world of technology.

You can create and nest components without limits, fill them with content, and customize them to your needs. Allow your content team to work independently and use the visual editor to preview changes in real-time.

Our Visual Editor is the simplest, yet most powerful editing experience editors & marketers will get. Content creators, editors and your marketing team can visually preview content in real-time, right next to the components they are working with.

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Components are at the heart of Storyblok, and we believe that everyone - from freelancers, to small businesses to large brands - should benefit from a component-based approach. That’s why Storyblok Components are available in all our pricing plans, even in our free plan.

Don’t take our word for granted. Check out what our customers have to say and take a look at what they’ve built.

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Launched in 2015 with just a prototype and a passion to craft, we currently have businesses all over the world using Storyblok to build digital experiences

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